Favorite Gear Fridays - Concept2 Model C Rower

Concept2 Rower Model C PM2

It's Friday, and time for another FGF (Favorite Gear Friday) at FringeSport!

We got a call this week asking for new Concept2 rowers. We are always happy to sell new Concept2s, but we also talked with the box about their existing rowers. It turns out that one of their Model Cs "exploded" during a 250m sprint. The athlete was pulling on the handle and suddenly the fan made a sound "like a string of Black Cats going off" and the squirrel cage broke into many pieces.

We offered to repair the rower. When we got her into our warehouse, I checked the lifetime meters rower and found this C2 had been rowed 1535 kilometers- or 1.5 million meters!

We'll repair the C2, and she'll be good for another 1.5 million! 

FringeSport Favorite Gear Friday Video Review:

How to check the lifetime kilometers rowed on a Concept2 PM2 monitor:


This has been Peter from FringeSport. Got questions? Tweet me up @petekeller, or call us at Fringe at 512.201.4404.


  • Penny

    Hey Clare,Thanks for your suggestion.What type of stuff is imtaoprnt to you when preparing/racing 5ks and 6ks?Here are some things I can write about:WorkoutsTest StrategiesSessions near race day that can really boost your scoreSpecial Nutritional plans that can make a massive differenceDrag Factor Issues and Erg set-up.Playing around with drag factor in pre-race sessions to help get a better score.Please let me know And the same goes for anyone interested in making personal suggestions let me know about the things imtaoprnt to you and I will do my best to help you.Keep it on!Brandy

  • Alexandru
    Hi Nancy. There are lots of good rowers anourd, and our advice is the same for beginners or experts. Get the best rower you can afford as it will a). Pay for itself over a longer period of time, b). You\’ll be less likely to break it and c), It will replicate rowing on the water to an accurate extent. The Waterrower is a fine rower, and great looking, but there are some very good inexpensive rowers too (Integrity etc). The Concept 2 is a premier rower and has long been the best rower anourd in our option (and that of many other expert rowers).

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