7 Steps to Convert Your Garage to a Gym

Wondering how to convert your garage to a gym? We're going to take you through 7 steps to do so. 

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There are a lot of people who join the gym and sign up for a membership but are unable to go daily. Well, now there is an option to say no to memberships and exercise daily!

Your garage is the one place in your house that has ample space and can be used for setting up a gym. If you set up a home gym in your garage, there will be no excuses to exercise daily. The idea of having a home gym in the garage is to follow a routine and ditch all the reasons for not going to the gym.

The garage is the best place in your house to set up a gym, and in this article, I will help you to understand the procedure for setting it up quickly. Go through the seven easy steps and voila your garage is turned into a personal gym.

  1. Clean your garage

The first and foremost step for setting up the gym is to clean your garage. Many times we make our garage a mini storeroom where we tend to keep all the things that we don’t use all the year around. Start sorting things that will be useful to you and get rid of the stuff that is of no use. You can also sell the things you don’t use and make some money which can be used to buy equipment for the gym once you sort things out clean your gym. Sanitize the gym and make sure that there is no dirt or dust on the floor or corners of the parking area.

  1. Organize the things that you will be needing

The next step is to organize all the things so that it doesn’t acquire a lot of space and there is still room for equipment. There are many organization systems available that can help to keep all things in one place without taking a lot of room. If you are setting it on your own, then go for vertical drawers or cabinets to store items. You can also arrange things that you will need for the gym such as yoga mats, ball, dumbbells, barbells, etc. Arrange it all in such a way that it is easy to take it out.

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  1. Gym flooring

Another thing to take into consideration while converting your garage into the gym is the flooring of the garage. The flooring is usually concrete for garages as it is used for majorly car parking and storing things only. This type of flooring is not suitable for a gym. A gym needs flooring that is easy to clean, doesn’t absorb chemicals and can resist to the high-intensity movements. Hard concrete flooring is also not good for muscles and joints as it can lead to sprains. There are options of flooring available such as carpet tiles, rubber, epoxy, etc. that can be used for flooring in the garage for the gym. I would suggest epoxy flooring as it is well suited and it is easy to get rid of the strains from it. It is also water resistant, so it is easy to clean and maintain it. After that, rubber gym mats work great on top.

  1. Plan to use the space entirely

Before selecting the equipment for the gym and other things in the garage, it is essential to plan in advance. Measure the area that you are going to use for setting up the gym. In case you are using the entire area have the exact measurement of that too. Strat mapping the position of the machines that are you are planning to buy. By having a plan ready it is easy to set up the gym as well as it helps in using the area to its maximum capacity. Keep the arrangement such that it has space for equipment as well as TV or other things that you are planning to keep. Make sure that you plan it such that the room looks spacious and there is enough room for doing floor exercises.

  1. Invest in good equipment

The most critical step is to get the equipment for the gym. Try and select the types of equipment that are much important rather than getting equipment that you will be used rarely. You can choose one machine for cardio out of a treadmill, cycle, and rower. However, if there is not enough space,  then I would suggest you go for a cycle. Then you select your weightlifting and training gear depending on the type of workout you do. You can also get equipment for plyometric training. The choice of the equipment that is to be placed in the gym should entirely depend on the workout routine you will follow.

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  1. Make sure there is sufficient air flow in the gym

Having ventilation in the gym is essential. If you live in a region where there is a lot of humidity, then make arrangements so that you don't feel hot while working out. You can install fans and air-conditioners in your garage-turned-gym for making sure that temperature remains under control for working out. If the temperature remains moderate all over the year in the region, you live you can then go for a fan and keep the doors or windows open for cross-ventilation. You should also select your gym wear depending upon the weather of the place you live in.

  1. The finishing touches

To give the last finishing touches and to make your garage feel like an actual gym you can add some source of entertainment in the garage.you can add a TV or a music system in your home gym. There are people like me who feel bored while working out and need to listen to some music while working out. You can install DVD players or even have Bluetooth speakers so that you don't feel bored while exercising. And voila your home gym is now ready to use.

These are the 7 steps to convert your garage to a gym that you can follow while you begin your project. 

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