The Difference In Gymnastics Grips

There are a few different types of gymnastics grips. Let us take you through the types that we carry and the pros and cons.

Leather Palms
The first type is the true gymnastics grips with leather palms. These were the first type of grips to be used by functional fitness devotees. Here is a great example of what they look like, Gymnastics Grips by OneFitWonder.

Pros: relatively inexpensive, and completely durable.
Cons: will stretch over time, eventually wear out, some people find them uncomfortable.

  1. Cloth palmed grips
  2. Gloves and glove-type grips

Tape Derived Grips (tape palms)
The second type of gymnastic grips are the tape derived grips (tape palms). You can either create these yourself (which will last one workout and then be throw away) or go with a product like The Natural Grip- Gymnastic Grips by Natural Grip.

Pros: usually great fit and comfort. Can be inexpensive
Cons: not very durable, can be sticky

Cloth palmed grips
The cloth palmed grips are similar to the leather gymnastics grips, but with a cloth palm. Here is an example of what they look like on : JAW Pull-Up Hand Grips (Silver/Black, Large) : Sports & Outdoors.

Pros: durable, comfortable
Cons: relatively expensive, do not provide the protection of leather

Gloves and glove-type grips
The gloves range from batting gloves (worn on both hands) to Mechanix gloves to "half gloves." Here is an example of what they are: : The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting & Cross Training Athletes - Enhanced Silicone Grip Palm (Hot Pink, Small) : Exercise Gloves : Sports & Outdoors

Pros: widely available (can buy Mechanix gloves at local hardware stores), versatile
Cons: many people don't like the feel, you'll be "that guy" at the gym, batting gloves can break quickly

We love the gymnastics grips with leather palms on any WOD with a ton of pullups or T2B- they rarely fail and our the best bang for your buck. Always remember that will a little callus care, you'll have fewer ripping problems.

Which grips do you prefer?

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