About 'dem barbells...

Written at 8:53am in my office at Fringe HQ in Austin, Texas

We've been busy

How about you?

Summer is over, school is back in session, but helping you get gains is always in season.

To that end, we are soft-launching a new line of barbells. Plus this week only, our sale is 10% off. So act fast!

If you've got eagle eyes, you might have already spotted them on our site.

First, we've got the successor to the our famous Vaughn Bar- the Fringe Sport Olympic WL Barbell.

We took everything you loved about the Vaughn Bar, and made it better... and kept the price the same!

This is an elite-level bearing weightlifting bar, available in 15 or 20kg, for under $400 including free shipping!

Next up is the Fringe Sport Hybrid Barbell. This is the bar you've been asking us to build for years. 28.5mm shaft diameter, deep knurl, custom knurl width, and a passive center knurl.

Oh, yeah, and bearings. Did I mention the price? For a limited time, we're sub $300 including free shipping.

Now here's one for the meatheads (said with LOVE). We finally brought out a power bar. It's strong enough for world record lifts, with knurl DEPTH FOR DAYS, and stiff like, well, I'll let your imagination fill in the rest.

And we'll round out the new bars with our shorty- the only shorty bar on the world that racks in standard racks and is FULLY SNATCHABLE.

Whoops. I almost forgot our experiments with cerakote. Check out this fully custom pink 15kg Bomba Bar we did for Girls Gone RX.

Side note- want a fully custom colored bar for your gym? If you order more than 10, we can make it happen. Just hit reply and we'll hook you up.

Well, that's enough about barbells. Stay tuned next week- we've got some bumper plate news that is CRAZY.



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