20kg Power Barbell by Fringe Sport (11523580164)
20kg Power Barbell by Fringe Sport (11523580164)
20kg Power Barbell by Fringe Sport (11523580164)
20kg Power Barbell by Fringe Sport (11523580164)
20kg Power Barbell by Fringe Sport (11523580164)
20kg Power Barbell by Fringe Sport (11523580164)

20kg Stiff Power Barbell by Fringe Sport

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The Fringe Sport Power Barbell is designed from the ground up for benching, squatting, and deadlifting. It's amazing at that. And okay at everything else.

Want to snatch?

This is not a great barbell for that.

Want to jerk?

This is not a great barbell for that.

Want to thruster?

This is not a great barbell for that.

Want to clean?

This is not a great barbell for that.

Want to squat, deadlift, and bench?

The Fringe Sport Power Barbell is AMAZING at that.

You've been asking us for years to design and build a Power Bar worthy of the Fringe Sport name- and here it is.

After consulting with hundreds of powerlifters, we designed the Fringe Sport Power Barbell to be the ultimate bar for the slow lifts and power movements. Every aspect of this bar supports squatting, deadlifting, and benching.

We started with a an ultra-strong 216,200 PSI steel, cut down to a 29mm shaft diameter that eliminates all whip- for a nice, stiff barbell.

Then we knurled (crosshatched) it with IPF marks (rings) and our signature deep, aggressive-but-blunted knurl. Think deep but hand-friendly.

Then we used a matte chrome finish that mimics bare steel, but with a high corrosion resistance.

We added in bronze bushings for low maintenance combined with high strength and even, predictable rotation.

And finally, we used a long sleeve with 16.3" of loadable length to allow you to hit huge numbers in the gym.

And don't worry- these bars are deflected to 2,200 pounds in the manufacturing process- so unless you are more than doubling the world record lifts, this bar will take anything you throw at it.

Do you squat, deadlift, and bench?
This is your barbell.


20 kilograms / ~44 pounds, +/- 0.1 gram


4 Bronze Bushing - Oil is impregnated.

Weight Capacity

2,200 pound limit

Tensile Strength

216,200 PSI

Yield Strength

206,900 PSI





Best Use

Slow lifts and power lift movements - squat, deadlift, and bench.




86.6 inches

Sleeve Specs

16.3 inches Length and 2" Diameter. Snap ring.

Shaft Specs

29mm Diameter


Deep IPF Knurling with Deep Center Knurl.

Center Knurl

Just under 4"

Product Design

Austin, TX, USA


Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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Barbell TypeBushingBearingBushingBearingBushingBearing
Weight20kg or 15kg20kg or 15kg20kg or 15kg20kg or 15kg20kg20kg
PSI202,000 (160,000 -15kg)202,000 (160,000 -15kg)205,000 (160,000 -15kg)216,000 (216,000 -15kg)216,000216,000
Shaft Diameter28mm (25mm -15kg)28mm (25mm -15kg)28mm (25mm -15kg)28mm (25mm -15kg)29mm28.5mm
KnurlDualDualDualIWF + Center KnurlIPF + Center KnurlDual + Center Knurl
Best UseGarage Gym, WODing & OlyGarage Gym, WODing & OlyGarage Gym, Oly, PowerliftingOly & EverythingPowerlifting: Slow lifts - squat, deadlift, and bench.Built for experienced, strong lifters who combine Oly, Powerlifting, and WODing.
Made InChinaChinaUSATaiwanTaiwanTaiwan

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