Am I still hip? Are you?

Written at 1:13pm at Native Hostel in Austin, Texas

When do you get too old to be hip?

I understand Snapchat. Mostly.

And I still like loud music.

But I've been hanging out and co-working at Native Hostel in Austin a few times a month.

During the day, Native is a coffee shop/restaurant. At night it becomes a nightclub.

Here's a shocker- I've never been here at night.

And I have no desire to.

I remember when I was in college. I lived in Brasil for a semester, and I used to go to boîtes- same idea. Restaurant during the day, tragically hip nightclub at night.

I even got thrown out of a few of them- but that's a story for another day.

Most of the loud music I listen to these days is either in the gym, or dancing with my daughters (they're still too young to be embarrassed by my behaviour, mostly)

So maybe, I'm just a different kind of hip that normal.

Or, I'll just keep telling myself that.

Moving on.

This week's sale is on squat racks.

One of the big questions we get a lot these days is:

What is the difference between the "Life Series" Squat Rack plus Pullup Bar and the Commercial Squat Rack with Pullup bar?

It's pretty simple- the Life Series is a lightweight, small footprint, budget friendly rack that is great for beginner lifters or garage us. The Commercial squat rack is designed for heavy commercial use. And costs twice as much.

But it's worth it.

Personally, I lift on both, but if I have an option, I lift on the commercial unit. There's just something magical about slamming the bar into a heavy duty rack after a max rep or max weight attempt.

The clang, slam, and stability of the rack is reassuring.

Now, the Life Series is plenty strong for most lifters- but it's built for economics- of size, weight, shipping, and price.

So it's a great option is you're economical.

But if you want to clang and bang, go commercial.

Thanks for reading.

If you think I'm still hip reply and reassure me.



PS. And check out those squat racks 10% off with free shipping... and of course the sale is about to end ;)

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