Are Mil spec Bumper Plates Worth It?

Even if you’re not prepping yourself or someone you know for the ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test), you should be opting for Milspec bumper plates in your garage gym. Yes, they're so worth it.

If you’re a weightlifting beginner, building out your garage or community gym for the first time, or new to fitness completely, you should get Milspecs in your gym. If you’ve seen our product pages, you’re probably wondering, “how are milspecs different than regular bumper plates?” Our Mil specs look and feel almost the same as our black training plates, but there are a few subtle differences that set Milspecs apart for your gym.

Milspecs are a different breed of plates that look very similar to our black training plates, but they are, without a doubt, more durable, quality, and convenient for you as an athlete or beginner than our regular plates. They meet the standards of the US Military for the ACFT Test, and we know they’re going to be good enough for you and your gains no matter your gym setting, size, or amount of people using them.

Size matters


The sizes of our plates match the weights of other standard plates in pounds, so you don’t have to worry about counting your weight in kilos. What you should consider is the sizes of plates you’ll need, and how much weight you can realistically handle now, as well as in the future. If you’re looking to make big gains in the future, you should stock up on some extra weight, and check out this article on finding the right amount of plates for you.

However, our Mil specs are thinner, denser, and tougher than your average training plates (sorry, black bumper plates… we still think you’re great too!). These plates will outlast any plate in your gym, no matter the setting because they’re just built like that. But really, they do fit the specifications for the ACFT, and we think it’s important you consider these tough as hell plates for your gym space.

High density equals lowwwww bounce, so you won’t ever have to chase your barbells around after any lift and they’ll drop dead right where you want ‘em. It also means that you can… wait for it… DROP THE TENS. Yup, drop, drop, drop away because our 10lb plates can handle it time and time again without any support from other weights. They’re strong, independent, and don’t need no other weights to hold them up. We’ll never tell you that you shouldn’t drop our ten pound plates like the other guys. How offensive!

Because our Fringe Sport Milspec plates are thinner and denser than regular plates, you know what that means… more GAINS, Fringe Fam! These plates allow you to stack more weight on each side of your barbell for more massive gains than with typical plates. That’s awesome right? Right.

The ONLY Plates Approved for Outdoor Use


Yes, it’s true! Most bumper plates on the market shouldn’t be used outside because of the wear and tear they’ll take, but our milspec bumpers can take the heat, the dirt, rocks, gravel, or whatever surface you choose to workout on. The quality and durability of our Milspec bumper plates is unmatched, and you’ll feel that as soon as you take them out of the box. Get ready for some motivation to lift some heavy weights.

Feel free to take these bad boys to the driveway and do some work. Fringe Sport milspec bumper plates can take it. In fact, we encourage you to try to give these plates your worst, and see how well they hold up. We can guarantee they won’t let you down (or we’ll replace them if you find that they do!).

Mil spec bumper plates are tough, long-lasting, thinner, denser, and will help you get the gains you seek in your garage gym, community gym, or wherever you do your heavy lifting. So yes, they're 110% worth it.

If you have more questions about our milspecs, send us a message. We’d be happy to talk all things bumper plates and help you get the best pair or set for you and your needs.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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