Team Fringe loves solstice and getting swole. So we decided to combine the two and create a spectacular summer event. 

You still get all the pain in the gym, with all the gains in your WALLET. 

Starting Monday, July 16 through July 23, Fringe Sport will unleash a celebration of legendary proportions by hacking and slashing more than Freddy, Jason and Michael combined.

Our fans will be knee DEEP in savings, and in some cases, waist DEEP. Good luck! We hope you know how to stay afloat in the deluge of deals.

Seriously guys and gals, this is going to be BESERK.

We're going to throw open the gates to welcome you to pillage and plunder our wares.

Watch your email inbox like the countdown to midnight on New Year's this coming Monday for more details. 

If you're not signed up for all the info, opt-in for our email list at the top of the blog. 

Seize the treasure for all your savings pleasure!!!

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