Celebrate Garage Gym Day - June 21st

Workout & Celebrate Garage Gym Day on June 21st with Your Neighbors!

We've declared June 21st as National Garage Gym Day. This is the day that you open your garage door and get in a workout.

Then we thought, what if not all of you have a Garage Gyms set up yet? Well we compiled a few tips from some of our featured Garage Gyms that you may find helpful and feel free to comment below with your own.

Garage Gym Tips & Tricks

1.) Tour Other Garage Gyms - Ask Friends and Family

"Tour other garage gyms and get advice. Example of great advice: A buddy of mine recommended horse stall mats for flooring and they are tougher than most gym mats and saved some serious cash." - Randy Jackvony (Pictured above doing a handstand)

To add on to this, another garage gym-er said

"Ask friends and family if they have any equipment they are looking to get rid of." -Wade

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

2.) Think Each Piece Through

This is a big one that almost every garage gym-er mentioned.

"Start slowly and make sure that each piece is something that you really want (and that you’ll really use). Buy from companies that you trust (and that value you)." - Daniel Powers (Pictured below)

3.) Learn Good Form & Technique First

"I also don't recommend people starting crossfit at home- they should spend the money going to a local box for awhile to learn good form and technique. We belonged to a local box for quite awhile and worked with a coach. Now that we have our own gym I will sometimes take a video of myself or we will coach each other so I know we know we are still in goof form." -Liz S. (Garage Gym pictured below)

This is a great point. We know a lot of new lifters may not know where to begin, they just want to be strong or lose weight... or both. Well we all had to start somewhere and learning proper technique and form will help prevent injury and help you be as strong as you can be.

4.) Reuse and Recycle

Look around the house and see what you can reuse. Bill Morway (pictured below) is utilizing his garage best he can. He is using cinder blocks for kettlebell deficit deadlifts. That's a great movement for hip mobility and strength. If you struggle with getting your deadlift started off the ground, you can train the movement at a deficit to make it harder and build that weakness.

5.) Waste Nothing & Optimize Space

"Make it what you want, your style. Build a gym that wastes nothing and optimizes space and resources to squeeze out the best work you can give yourself in the gym. Then just get in there and kill it!" - Nik Meador (Garage Gym pictured below).

This tip goes hand in hand with our second tip on the list. If you're utilizing your space you can prevent clutter and not waste your money on equipment you won't need or use.

If you have your own tips and tricks to add, comment below or enter your garage gym to be featured so we can show it off.

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