DIY | 90s Lover Dumbbells

I don’t know about you but I love the 90s. The styles, the shows, the music… not to mention amazing cult snack food like Dunkaroos, it was all a cotton candy dream that ended too soon. Can I get a whoop whoop? 

I digress. 

For those of you who still have your CDs from this magical decade (including those sharpie-riddled burned ones), this 10th DIY is for YOU, my 90s baby.  

This DIY is great for our planet and great for your soul! Who doesn’t love the iridescent look of CDs. (If you don’t, there’s always duct tape or hey turn that CD around so the artwork side is showing!)

Step #1 Dust Off The Old CDs

Maybe they’re in the back of your closet, in your living next to the TV, or in your car trunk. Wherever they are, track them down, dust them off, and get them ready for a second life!! 

For one 10lb dumbbell, all you need is 150 CDs (75 on each side which is about 4 inches) on an approximately 18-inch threaded rod with some nuts to secure it.  I know 10 lbs isn’t much, but hey this is a CD dumbbell, okay? Take it easy, Arnold!

Having a hard time? Check out this helpful DIY CD Dumbbell vid here.

Step #2 Add Tape

Trust me: your hands will thank you later. Because it is a threaded rod, you MUST add tape to avoid shredding your hands while doing curls are any other movement. I recommend Gorilla Tape as it is best with uneven surfaces such as this. 

Step #3 Add Nuts

Get some .5 nuts from your local hardware store. Screw them on each end of the CDs and you’re done. How fly is that?

Now that you’ve got your 90s lover dumbbells, it’s time to enjoy the 90s jams while you sweat!


Guest Author: Sydney Capello

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