DIY Lever Jammer Arms For Only $20

DIY Lever
Jammer Arms:

For as little as $20

We saw this pretty nifty setup on Instagram from @maxdunley. Most of the pieces he used in this setup are things you may already have if you are already weightlifting. The only thing you may not have already is the Gymnastics Straps for about $20.

A "Lever Jammer" is a piece of equipment that can cost you $200 to over $500. It mimics the football player position "Jammer".

This particular setup and exercise will work your chest, shoulders, biceps, and middle back.

This movement can be done with almost any barbell but Max suggested the Multi-Grip "Swiss" Barbell because it allows for a more comfortable hand placement than a straight barbell and is nicer to your shoulders.

Here is what you will need, most items you may already have:

  • Squat Rack or Rig with a Pullup Bar
  • 20ft Adjustable Gymnastics Straps (Pair)
  • J-Cups (Pair)
  • Multi-Grip "Swiss" Barbell
  • Strength Bands (Pair)
  • Weight Horns (Pair)

The squat rack Max was using had a built-in pullup bar and weight horns.

What You'll Need For the Set Up

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Here's a closer look at how we setup the barbell with the straps and the strength bands.

  • We threaded the Gymnastics Straps through the inside section of the grip area.
  • For the Strength Bands, we looped a couple times on the inside of the collar.

After we set it up, we had a few guys try it out. They were pretty pumped to add it to their workouts. As we mentioned earlier, this setup is an excellent upper body workout. It is a "pressing" movement so really targets your chests and mid-back.

If you have any DIY setups like this, share them with us! We'd love to share with other athletes.

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