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DIY Weight Plate Storage At A Glance

Tools/Supplies: Pallet (Paint & Paintbrush Optional)

Cost: FREE

Storing Your Plates

Looking for some DIY storage for your plates? Consider using a pallet! At first, it seems strange, but it actually works wonderfully.

The best part is that it’s free and customizable to your taste. 

DIY weight plate storage

Now that we’re on DIY 13, it’s a good time to talk about storage. It can be apparent over time that storage options are your friend as you slowly see the gear piling up around you. The biggest culprit? Weight plates!!

Racking and storing your plates can be a pain because it can get pricey (They can run anywhere from $30- $180+), but we at Fringe Sport DIY Space have the solution for you with this DIY pallet storage option. 

How to Make Customized Plate Storage

DIY Plate Storage

This DIY is super easy because it is a two-step process. And to be honest, the second step is just optional, but HIGHLY encouraged. 

STEP #1 Get A Pallet

diy pallets

You can get these at Walmart or Home Depot. They'll typically have 1 or two that they're throwing out as they eventually deteriorate. Around town in Austin, we even see them on the sides of the road sometimes.

Wherever you find your pallet, just make sure to spray it down with some disinfectant and bug killer. These things are typically pretty gnarly. 

Having a hard time finding a pallet? Check Craigslist, eBay, or OfferUp or ask a neighbor or friend who works in a warehouse. 

STEP #2 Get to Painting! (optional but ENCOURAGED)

pallet diy

Get yourself some primer and paint and go to town. This is YOUR pallet so you can do whatever you like: keep it simple, go bold, or do something else creative. It's 2019 and we have a crazy amount of cool new paint products. Check out a few below

Here are a few quick pallet painting tips from an expert!


After you're done painting, you're all set. Just put your pallet in the desired corner of your home gym and put the weights in the pallet. 

DIY Weight storage

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Guest Author: Sydney Capello

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