Find out what's been a game changer for this new gym - Michael of Hammer Forged Crossfit

What is your name? Michael Rainiero, Aaron and Melanie Sisco

How would you describe your title? We are the Co-Owners of the gym and Coaches

Where can people go to learn more about Hammer Forged Crossfit? You can check out our website at, or find us on Instagram and Facebook!

What is the name of your gym and where are you located? We are Hammer Forged CrossFit in Verona, Wisconsin

Are you a Crossfit Affiliate? If so, how many years have you been affiliated? Yes, we have been a CrossFit affiliate for about a month and a half now

How long has your gym been in business? We just started up this last August

How many members does your gym have? We currently have 15 awesome members and looking forward to adding some new additions shortly with our first boot camp!

What sort of training do you offer? We offer group CrossFit Classes, One-on-one Personal Training, as well as Nutrition Coaching

How would you describe your community? Our community is a very positive and encouraging community that loves to come into the gym and put the hard work in! We want to make sure that we develop a community that feel like a family. We call it our Forge Family!

Tell us about your box. A little about our box is we like to lift heavy weights and "hammer" heavy, hard and fast workouts! We love to see people become strong and lift weights they never thought possible! We have such an awesome community that is positive and encouraging and loves to put hard work in to see their results. It has truly been a blast to start a business that feels like its a family. 

Do you offer nutrition advice? We are starting to get into some nutritional coaching for our members. We know that nutrition is the foundation in everything we do. We need to fuel ourselves properly so that we can live healthily and continue to come into the gym and crush it! We want to make sure our members feel like they are getting the best service around.

Is there anything you've done for your box or customers that's been a game changer? I think the best thing we have received feedback on for member retention is making sure that the feel of our gym is very positive and the feeling of being part of a family. It’s much easier said than done, but we make sure every day we make every moment at the gym a fun and positive atmosphere that leaves you feeling like you are part of a great big family!

I think one of the best things we did was finding a mentor. All the greatest businesses and people have all had mentors. I can’t stress enough how much that put us ahead of the game to have someone basically guide us through the process to make sure we were ready once we opened the doors. Highly recommend either using a business mentor or someone that you have a good relationship that runs a successful gym business help you along.

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