Immortal Wall Ball: The Best Choice for Your Gym

What’s up, Fringe Fam? We’re halfway through the week and rolling right into November. Speaking of rolling, we’re talking all things Immortal Wall Balls today to bring y’all up to speed on one of our best-selling products (for good reason).


tossed out of a plane, immortal lives


So, our Immortal Balls are like… really immortal. These bad boys are not just another version of your regular 'ole ho-hum medicine ball that breaks after a certain amount of tosses or drops and goes egg-shaped over time.

We’ve dropped one out of a plane in mid-air, they’ve been shot at, run over, and more. These suckers are seriously indestructible.

While we don’t recommend you doing these things to your immortal ball at home, just know that they can withstand just about anything, and if yours happens to give in, immortals are covered with a lifetime warranty and we’ll replace it. (LIFETIME!!)

Immortal Balls came to fruition a few years back when there seemed to be nothing but wimpier medicine balls and slam balls on the market. There’s nothing worse than an egg-shaped, mis-shapen medicine ball that seems to be magnetized to the floor or your face, right? Right. OUCH. So, we created the immortal ball to combat that problem.

ball to the face

The Immortal Ball was designed so you could take a missed wall ball to the face without breaking your nose, like PK did above. He so graciously volunteered himself for the task so we, the Fringe Fam, didn't ever have to put it to the test. When these were being designed, there were others claiming to be immortal floating around, but they were SO hard that there’s no way you’d leave a missed wall ball situation without a busted lip or without a bruised or broken nose. We wanted to change that, so we did.

Our truly immortal ball is SO grippy and tacky that the likelihood of a slipped shot is little to none. PK had a genius idea to cover one in super-slippery dish soap and attempt some wall balls, and there was no slippage to be seen. NONE.

slathered in dish soap, immortal still doesn't slip

Plus, they aren’t super solid rubber so they won’t break or crack upon slamming or dropping. Coop from Garage Gym Reviews tossed his immortal ball from a parking garage, and we held our breath...

If you’re looking to outfit your home or commercial gym with a sturdy, durable, multi-use ball that will last forever (and has a lifetime warranty!!), the Immortal Ball is easily the way to go. They’ll last forever, won’t bust your face open, and won’t bust open themselves use after use. The immortal wall ball is truly an unbreakable ball for a garage or commercial gym, and you won’t regret making the switch from a normal medicine ball.

Immortal balls, because they’re rubber, are a little bouncier than a normal medicine or slam ball, so note the recoil and you’ll be just fine. Other than that, an immortal ball is going to function just like any other medicine or slam ball, but it’ll last a heck of a lot longer.

Immortal Balls can be used for wall balls, partner tosses, slams, or even Strongman ground to shoulder work if you go for an especially heavy version.

We’ve designed these balls so you can do literally anything you would with a normal medicine, slam, or D-ball with them too, but they’re more indestructible than other versions we carry and that are on the market from other brands.

immortal balls are the way to go for home or commercial gym use

The Immortal Ball took us 5+ years to design, develop, and perfect, so you know you’re getting something good. Want to read about the inspiration? Check it out here. We couldn’t give our Fringe Fam just any med ball, it had to be perfectly immortal (unless you’ve run it over and stop your truck on it, like Coop ;) )

coop had to shoot his immortal and run it over to bring it to it's demise... we still replaced it

If you have any questions about our immortal ball, how to use it, or what size would work best for you and your needs, hit us up on our site, send us an email, or give us a call. We’d be happy to help you find your perfect immortal fit so you can get to tossin’.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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