The Immortal Wall Ball Has Dropped!

"It is here!"
After nearly a decade of research and development, deep underground in the secret, ancient tunnels of Tenochtitlan, we have finally created the first wall ball of its kind. Inaugural. Incomparable. Indestructible...


Inspired by the Aztec game of ulama we embarked on a mission to give you a similar gift from the gods. We saw the visions of Quetzalcoatl. His omnipotence shined down on us and blessed us with the inspiration and design of the Immortal Wall Ball.

This wall ball not only lives up to its name but beyond it too. It shall endure the brutal march of time and stand longer than the Aztec pyramids themselves. 

Foes, rivals and adversaries from far and wide will revile us for our greatness and glory given to sport in your name. We will become their nemesis for elevating your athletic prowess to the status of...immortal. 

Our enemies will scorn, loathe and despise us. Their jealousy will cause rage. We can see their faces now. 

Only you will have the power of the gods behind you to transcend your mortal coil to achieve legendary feats of athleticism. Accept our gift to you, actualize your athletic gifts, and become the newest hero god in the pantheon of eternity! 

If any puny mortal dares to doubt the resilience of The Immortal Wall Ball, please watch this video of Quetzalcoatl himself. In his magnificent benevolence, he drops the ball from the heavens as he bestows upon mankind this magical gift. The ball lands on Earth unscathed. 
If you're still ravaged by incredulity and have yet to be spoken to by the gods, watch this review that shall make you a believer. 

As always, we'd love to hear what you think, especially if you own an Immortal Wall Ball. Let us know below.

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