The People are Immortal Wall Ballin

How's it going Fringe Nation? What are you up to?

We be ballin here at Fringe HQ, literally and figuratively. As a matter of fact, we've got AC DC jammin in the gym now. Have a listen.

We've got our balls to the wall, as we slam, throw, and toss our Immortal Wall Balls around. 

Word has been spreading faster than the freshest meme that the Immortal Wall Ball shows up and holds up. 

Exhibit A, from our friend Coop over at Garage Gym Reviews: 

And the latest wall ball love comes from Joel at As Many Reviews as Possible. 

Exhibit B (B as in Ball)

Haven't had enough reviews yet? Check out our friends over at Garage Gym Life give their lowdown on the Immortal Wall Ball. You can watch them repeatedly bash it with a 50 lb sledgehammer too. 

If you've got one of our Immortal Wall Balls, we'd love to hear about it. Better yet, we'd love to see it and how you're working out with it! Share all your thoughts, workouts, pix and vids at will, below in the comments section. 

Lastly, we have another video treat to show you Fringe Nation. Here's a new promo clip we filmed starring Peter our CEO, along with Lauren (our superheroine saleswoman) and Robert (our warehouse stud) in supporting roles.

Keep an eye out here in our blog for a BIG announcement coming in the next weeks. Until then, be awesome and have a great weekend!

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