NEW PRODUCT ALERT: The Bad Ass Utility Bench & Gecko Grip Fabric are HERE!

Finally, the wait is over. Our brand new, be-all end-all Bad Ass Utility Bench is HERE! This bench is truly the last one you'll ever need to invest in. Period.

The Bad Ass Utility Bench was built and engineered with versatility in mind. Not only can you bench to the high heavens (up to 1,000lb weight limit!!!), you can roll it around your garage gym with ease, attach a set of ropes to it, jump or step on it, and it's not going anywhere.

But that's not all... we're here to introduce something BRAND SPANKIN' NEW you'll continue to see on out products in the future... drum roll pleaseeeee




Wooooo! This fabric has been a long time coming. Here in Texas, we know about hot and sweaty workouts. Especially in the spring through the late fall (so basically almost all year long, minus 1-2 winter months). We know that sweaty backs on benches under heavy weight isn't always ideal. We know that sweat left on benches from your back makes things more like a slip 'n slide instead of a stable workout situation. Alas, after much engineering and thought, Gecko Grip fabric.



You might be thinking... what? Gecko Grip? Yes. Gecko Grip. We'll save you the encounter with a gecko and just let you know that gecko grip is like no other grip in the world. It's sticky, it's strong, and once a gecko has hold of something it wants, good luck sliding that thing out of its paws.

Geckos can stick to walls and climb smooth, even vertical surfaces. Impressive, right? We took what makes the gecko's paws so sticky, the toe pads, and converted it into the stickiest fabric you'll find on any bench on the market. (PSA: no live geckos were harmed in the making of this product)

Our brand new Bad Ass Utility Bench puts other benches on the market to shame. This one is loaded with sturdy, 11-gauge steel to make sure you're not going anywhere, and only your weights move.

We've beefed up the handle on this bench, so you can grab on and drag it away, attach ropes to it, or use it as a stand-in partner for your dragon-flags and other core work.

non-slip flat bench

Not only that, but the rollers... don't even get us started. These are the real deal. They're smooth, they do their job, and they're guaranteed to roll nicely on whatever surface you choose to do your heavy lifting on.

This bad ass bench is fit with a 12" wide, 2" thick foam padding so you know your back is covered when you go for PR after PR. You'll be able to easily lock in your scapula's and push that weight like your life depends on it, no slippage allowed.

nonslip flat bench

To match it's name and personality, we've coated this bench in matte black powder coating so you know it's tough enough for your toughest workouts, and can withstand the test of time under some massive weights.

Did we mention that this Bad Ass Bench can hold up to 1,000 pounds?! Hell yes!

The Bad Ass Utility Bench weighs a hefty 62 pounds, so you can guarantee you'll feel snug as a bug in a rug as you set up under your barbell and get to it. Don't let that scare you, though... the beefy handle and rollers we talked about before? They let you move this beefy bad ass with ease.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Bad Ass Utility Bench here. We promise our brand new Gecko Grip fabric and the sturdy, durable build on this bench will never let you down.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy 



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