Pink Will Plates Get You Just As Jacked As Regular Bumper Plates

What’s going on, Fringe Fam?! We’re deep into October and closing out the month with a super exciting pre-order: our pink plates in pairs & sets! 5% of the pink plate pre-order proceeds will be donated to the Keep a Breast Foundation. Not only will your purchase be going toward an amazing foundation, you’ll get just as jacked as with other bumper plates and we’ve heard from quite a few customers just how much their significant others love the pink plates too (see below!!). It’s a win-win!


Real men, real women, real strong people lift pink


Did you know that it was only in the last 60 years or so that we’ve seen the color pink become a feminine color? In the 1950s, people started to want to put gender-marking colors on their babies, and therefore pink and blue were designated to determine the gender of a child.

Here’s what we think. Pink is simply the color pink until you put a meaning behind it, just like everything else.

In our case during this National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pink is symbolic of the hell of a fight many, many women go through in their lifetimes against breast cancer. Therefore, our pink plates are symbolic of that during this time and we’re super proud to be able to support an amazing foundation in the fight against, prevention of, and education around breast cancer.

However, pink plates don’t have to mean anything but pink plates and gainz. They are bumper plates, built, designed, and formulated in the same way as our other best-selling, incredible and durable bumper plates, and lifting a pink bumper plate will absolutely get you as jacked as lifting with others. They’ll look super freakin’ cool in your garage gym, and you’ll look strong as hell when you’re lifting them because they are just as heavy as regular black bumper plates, our savage plates, and all the other bumper plates we carry. There's no better gift than the gift of gainz, and pink plates absolutely take those gainz to the next level.

Seriously, pink plates will get you jacked


Pink plates work like our other bumper plates. Put in the work, strive for a progressive overload in some fashion, and throw in pink plates to the mix to make you want to lift more, more often and you’re in for some good old fashioned gainz, baby.

We know that there tends to be a not-so-great, not-so-fair stereotype around pink fitness gear in this industry, but our pink plates have been able to stand the test of time and gainz and have proven themselves to be as savage as well, our savage plates.

If pink plates would make you excited to use your garage gym, to get out there and get your freakin’ lift on, and to work hard as hell to earn your gainz, you need to seriously consider adding a pair (or set) of pink plates to your arsenal.

Plus, what a great talking point for your friends and neighbors who peep into your garage gym every so often, right? Pink plates easily become a point of interest, at which you can say, “pink plates will get you jacked, these are the best plates I’ve ever lifted with, and Fringe Sport donated 5% of their pre-sale proceeds in October 2021 to the Keep a Breast Foundation.” That’s accurate, right? ;)

Then, not only are you spreading the good word of doing good for an amazing cause, you’re also spreading the gospel of the Garage Gym Revolution and bringing more people to the garage gym team.

Long story short… get the pink plates


Through 10/31/2021 at midnight cst, we'll be donating 5% of our pink plate pre-sale proceeds to the Keep a Breast Foundation. If no other reason than that, a portion of your purchase will be going to an incredible cause. Plus, like we said previously, pink plates will get you JACKEDMaybe even more jacked than regular plates... who knows? You'll have to try them out for yourself ;)  Pink plates also make an incredible gift for the strong people in your life. 


As always, lift pink, lift heavy, lift happy ;)

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