Savage Bumper Plate Review - Friday Night Fitness with The Daily Drift

Fringe Fam, meet Kyle from The Daily Drift!

In this video from early 2021, Kyle opens and tests out his long-awaited delivery of Savage Bumper Plates for performance. Kyle had experienced a long wait because of the zombie apocalypse we experienced last year.

Before he had ordered and received our Savage plates, he made his own weights out of concrete and constructed himself a squat rack, too. That's freakin' badass!

Now, we present to you, Friday Night Fitness with The Daily Drift - how fitting on a Friday!

Our Savage Bumper Plates just so happen to be one of our most popular and most recognized types of bumper plates. They're bright, they're boldly striped, and they perform well use after use after use. You can drop them, you can stack 'em up, you can use these plates in just about any fashion and they'll do you and your workout well.

Savage Plates don't just look the part - they act it too. They're "covered in almost bombproof rubber that protects the iron inside and won't be damaged if exposed to wet surroundings" - even if you're sweating all over 'em.

They're as badass as they look, and were made to represent NEVER stopping, backing down, or giving up. Your WODs don't just take physical strength, but mental strength too. Let our bright, bold, badass Savage Plates take your workouts (and your mental strength) to the next level.

As always, lift heavy savage plates, lift happy :)

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