'Twas the night before Liftmas... 🎄

'Twas the night before Liftmas and Fringe was aglow
With people and packages moving to and fro
The mice that were hoping to sneak out for a treat
Could only peep from their holes at  the fast moving feet
People were scurrying around and around
Keeping eyes and ears peeled for the faintest of sound
When all of a sudden way up on the roof
There came the skritch skritch of a small little hoof
The crew in the warehouse ran out see
If the noise they heard was indeed the Big “C”
What they found as they watched floating down gently
Was Santa in his finery staring at them intently
He said “I need gear and I need it fast.
Folks wanting bars and bumpers that last.”
“What do you have that you can throw in the sleigh?
Do it in a hurry so I can be on my way.”
The crew scrambled and scurried to fill the request
Giving their all and doing their best
Before you could blink and lay finger to nose
The sleigh was quite full, hardly room for toes
Santa was thankful and said with a grin,
“Y’all are fantastic, again and again.”
“Thanks for your help, amazing Fringe crew!
I knew when I asked you’d be true blue!”
And with those words, Santa jumped in his sleigh
And with a big wave he went on his way.
He said to the crew, as they knew he might,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”
So to our Fringe Fam we say just the same
Merry Christmas to all and enjoy those gainz!

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