Ways to Rock your Workout with a Rower

You’re working to set up your home gym and you are killing it!  You’ve got the bar and the bumpers.  You’ve got the kettlebells and the dumbbells.  You’ve even got the boxes and the balls.   You have got it all.

Or do you?

During the times you’ve spent daydreaming and looking for what else you can throw into the garage (there’s still a little room beside the rack, right?),  you’ve seen the rower.  You’ve wondered about it. But you’re just not sure.

Well never fear – we here at Fringe are here to answer all your riveting rower questions!

Let’s start with most elementary question, Watson – what IS a rower exactly?  Well, it IS what it sounds like – a machine that simulates rowing a boat.

So why is rowing a boat good?  Because it works almost all the muscles in your body at one time – how cool is that?  Your arms, and legs, the glutes and hams, the core and back – it ALL gets hit when you’re using a rower.

You may be thinking – but I work all the muscles in my body when I do the rest of my workout – I have leg day, arm day, foot day, head day– why do I need a rower?

Because a rower is one of the best cardio workouts out there.  In fact, studies have shown you can burn more calories along with engaging more muscle groups that most any other machine– say WHAT??  Plus it’s low impact – more bang for the buck, right?

Is there a body part the rower works that doesn’t always get the full attention it deserves?  In my opinion, the back – the full rowing motion really works the back, shoulders and lats.  While we all know there are exercises and lifts we do for those muscles, rowing just puts the BOOM in the back!

Is that all a rower can do for me?  Well – no, not really.  It can give you increased endurance in the rest of your workout. Gives you more energy and stamina to really amp up those other parts of your workout – the lift, the snatches, the cleans, the kettlebells. 

Is a rower really worth the money?  Well, now, boys and girls that’s a tough one to answer.  While rowers are expensive, they are durable and can give you years of service in your workout.  In fact, this one piece of equipment can take you into what we might call “the golden years” of physical conditioning.  


Again – the low impact aspect of the rower makes it easy for people of any age group as well as current physical condition, to use to get fit!

Rowers have memory capabilities & pre-programmed workouts. Which is nice because it takes all the thinking out of trying to decide what to do with it. To get you started we have a workout you can try to row this boat along 🚣‍♂️ 

Actually we have 2 workouts for you  -  one that is strictly rower based and one that includes the rower with other bits and pieces – it’s because we’re here for you baby!


This one is rower specific  -  you are ramping up the rower and going for time.

  • First 20 seconds use your legs and nothing else. Keep your arms locked out, lean in and lean out so that you are using just your legs for 20 seconds.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.  
  • Next 20 seconds is a full body sprint. Row as fast as you can while keeping good form.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Next 20 second of work is just your arms. You’re going to lean in, lean back and pull, like you’re rowing, but not using your legs at all.
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Final 20 seconds is a full body sprint again.
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times to get that full body good time burn!


This is one is a little tougher but we know all our Fringe Fam Fanatics can “row this one down”, no problem!

  • 25 air squats
  • 25 calorie row
  • 25 kettlebell swings (53/35)
  • 25 calorie row
  • 25 sit ups
  • 25 calorie row
  • 25 pushups
  • 25 calorie row
  • 25 pullups

Again, you’re doing this one for time – how fast can you get through? Or how quickly will you drop?

There you have it all – all your burning rowing questions answered.  Are you ready to take that final leap and add this all-around good workout machine to your garage gym?  Let us know below if you have a rower and what your favorite way to use it is!

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