Why Should You Add A Sled To Your Workout?

You’ve made the decision you’re going to start working out. 

You started simply - you bought a great pair of walking shoes and you started walking around your house - and then your neighborhood - and now you’re running out of places to walk. 

So  you want to move up to something new, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to take the jump into a full fledged garage gym.

Is there an in-between workout you can use to change up the game?

Yep - and we happen to have the idea for you right here. 

Using a sled.  


Now it’s not what you thinking - we’re not talking about the Radio Flyer that you use to go speeding down a snowy hill in the middle of winter.

We’re talking about the workout  sleds you can use either by themselves or loaded with bumper plates and you can push or pull them anywhere and everywhere you want.  Maybe not the grocery store - but anywhere else!

Fringe Sport Workout Sled

These sleds are built tough and ready to take any kind of workout punishment and abuse you can dish out to them.  You can get any size - from a smaller type of sled that can be dropped in the trunk of the car and taken anywhere - to a large size commercial size sled that you can load up with hundreds of pounds of weights and push your way to a fitter body.

So what are the real benefits to having a sled in your routine?  There are several reasons to consider.

First of all, you can get a full body workout when you use the sled correctly.  It engages your legs, your core and your arms, whether you put weight on the sled or not.  It is a little more fun - and challenging - to do than the typical walk around the block - PLUS it helps to tone your whole body!

It's also been shown you can burn calories at a higher rate.  If you add weight to the sled (even an extra 10 pounds), you will be burning more calories during the workout than ever.  Even if you only can push that sled 5 times, the calorie burn will skyrocket!

A beneficial reason for using the sled is you can adapt using a sled to any fitness or age level.  If you’re brand new to working out, using a sled even without weights is a great new way to push yourself and up the workout routine.  

Did you realize pushing a sled can improve your speed?  You've seen football practice, right?  You've seen those big things they hit and push?  It's very similar to a sled.  And they use these to improve their speed!   Studies have actually shown that while pushing ANY sled will improve gains and speed, the more weight you add, the more your speed will improve!  You could rival The Flash as you continue to improve your sled workouts!

Plus - the more you use a sled, the more you might finding pushing heavy objects "in real life" becomes easier and easier.  Think about it - you are pushing a loaded sled, building up those core muscles and those leg muscles, right?  So when you have to move that couch from one wall to the other, you'll find it's easier than you ever expected!  (But don't crow about it too loud or you might find yourself the designated furniture mover!)

Finally, but definitely not least-ly!, if you’re older, and want to find something to do that isn’t hard on the body but is a lot of fun, get yourself a sled and push it around your yard.  You can chase your dogs - or give them a ride on the sled. Use it to transport rocks around the yard (like a wheelbarrow but more of a workout!).  It's easy on the joints, adaptable to any and all fitness levels and can give you a workout when you don't feel like you're working out!

So add a new dimension to your workout and check out sleds as an alternative to what you're currently doing - or an addition!  You'll find yourself in better shape than ever!

Let us know in the comments below your favorite sled workout so we can share it with others!

And - as always - Lift Heavy Lift Happy!

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