WOD of the Week: 20 Minute Workout

This week's WOD was submitted by @glamfit on Instagram. This workout is only 20 minutes and great for when you're "on the road" like you may be this weekend for the holiday.  You can use one of our Sandbag Trainerskettlebells, a barbell, maybe a niece or nephew?

What You'll Need

Choose from one of the following or a mixture.

The Workout:

20 Minute / 4 Round Workout

20 Lunges

  1. Front Rack
  2. Offset (10 on each side - 20 total)
  3. Back Rack
  4. Overhead

10 Pullups - anyway / anyhow all 4 rounds

5 Burpees

  1. Body Weight
  2. Weighted
  3. Man Makers
  4. Over Pack/Bar/Dumbells (5 on each side - 10 total)

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