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This week's WOD was submitted by @matt.miranda8 on Instagram. As he mentions this workout "got spicy very quick." You're getting the heart pumping with those double unders, increasing every minute then adding those thrusters hits upper body, lower body, and core.:

This got spicy very quick: Death By Double Unders (increase by 5) + 5 KB Thrusters EMOM (20kg each hand) This was my round of 70 DU's, I only made it through the round of 75 #crossfit #competeeveryday #paytheman #fringesport #garagegym #onelove #healthiswealth #lululemonmen #thesweatlife #iamsecond #faithrxd #bexarfitness

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What You'll Need: 

The Workout: Death by EMOM.

  • Death by Double Unders (increase by 5 Each Minute)
  • 5 Kettlebell Thrusters (20kg Each Hand)

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Susie Sebastian
Susie Sebastian


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