WOD of the Week: Medicine Ball Beer Pong

This week's WOD was submitted by @ratzbrandon. He tagged us in his Instagram post of this WOD/game.

Medicine ball beer pong after the first half of class 👌💪 #medicineball #weightlifting #weighfitnutrition #maelstromperformancefitness #rockwood #michigan #heavymetal #smallgrouptraining #beerpong #fringesport #againfaster #onefitwonder #fitnessclasses #personaltrainer

What You'll Need:

The Workout: Beer Pong Rules

  • Played in teams of two.
  • Take turns throwing the medicine ball into the opposing team's tires.
  • Once the medicine ball lands in a tire, the tire is taken away and the opposing team then takes a drink or does 10 burpees, pushups, etc (pick your punishment).
  • You can request a re-rack at the end of a turn.
  • Whoever gets rid of all of the opposing team's tires first wins and the opposing team has to take a "drink" for any tires left over.

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