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We love posts like this. This week's WOD was submitted by @johnnythespartan on Instagram. He loves his Fringe Sport Medicine Ball. Here is a great core workout you can do with your own med ball.:

Today's workout consisted of 2 mini circuits challenged the whole body while elevating the heart rate throughout the whole thing. Try these rotating Med ball wall tosses to help strengthen your core! We use the #OneFitWonder brand from @fringesport because they stand behind their products 100%! These new V4 balls have double reinforced stitching as an upgrade to the old V3s from last year. Check them out locally in South Austin for a 10% discount! #johnnythespartan #ctgfamily #spartanrace #savagerace ##personaltrainer #traininsane

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What You'll Need

The Workout:

  • 2 Sets of 10 on Each Side.
  • Johnny is demonstrating in the GIF above.

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Susie Sebastian
Susie Sebastian


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