Workout of the Week: Baby TABATA Workout

Baby TABATA Workout

This week's workout is from Instagram and is right in line with Mother's Day right around the corner. We saw @jennjonescf's TABATA workout with her little one. Mama gets a workout, baby gets mama time - Win Win!

If you don't have a baby laying around, a chill dog or cat or even a kettlebell will work :)

What You'll Need

If you don't have a baby laying around

prime kettlebell light blue

The Workout

30 second of work, 10 seconds of rest after each exercise. 8 Rounds.

  • Goblet Squats
  • Pushups
  • Weighted Lunges (R/L)
  • Side Planks (Right - Odd Rounds and Left - Even Rounds)
  • Overhead Press

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