5-Round Boot Camp Workout

Here's a 5-Round Boot Camp workout using our Boot Camp Package. Pick the weight you feel most comfortable using and increase the stronger you get. Let's go!

What You'll Need:

KettlebellSlam Ball, Medicine Ball, Jump Rope, and AbMat. All of these items are available in our Boot Camp Package.

The Workout:

5 Rounds for Time - Your score is your time it takes to finish all 5 rounds.
  • 5 Single Arm Kettlebell Thrusters (Right)
  • 5 Single Arm Kettlebell Thrusters (Left)
  • 20 Russian Twists w/ Slam Ball
  • 200m Med Ball Weighted Run
  • 30 Jump Rope Double Unders (3 to 1 Singles)
Ab Trainer Cash Out:
  • 3 Rounds for Quality
  • 10 Ab Trainer Situps
  • :30 Couch Stretch per Leg

The Movements:


Single Arm Kettle Bell Thruster- start with feet on either side of kettle bell reach down and grab the handle with thumb pointing behind you. Clean the KB up to your shoulder. Perform a full squat and at the top thrust the KB overhead locking out the knees, hips and elbow at the top. Bring back down to your shoulder to perform next rep. (The clean only has to be preformed once to get the KB to the front rack position.)


Russian Twist: Start with the slam ball in front of your chest, feet and shoulder blades elevated off the ground. Touch the slam ball on the floor at your right side then move it to the left side, that is one rep.

MedBall Weighted Run: Hold the med ball however you please and run!

Double Unders- keep arms close to your sides with wrists below elbows. Jump slowly but high, pushing all the way through your toes straight up to the ceiling. flick wrists quickly. If you cannot perform a double under then perform 3 singles for every one double.

AbMat Situps- Position the AbMat under your lower lumber. Start the movement by touching your hands on the floor behind your head. Finish the movement by touching the floor by your feet.

Couch Stretch- this stretch is for tight hip flexors. Put the abmat up against a wall. Slide your foot down trying to keep your knee as close to the wall as possible. Start with hands on the floor and try to get your back as close to the wall as possible while maintaining square hips. You can use a box or pvc pipe to hold onto for stabilization. Squeeze your glutes and hold. 

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