Barbell Package


Barbell Package

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2, 3 & 5-Barbell Packages

We've bundled our barbells so they are more cost-effective for your home gym or box. Depending on your level of training we have some options to consider:

  • For those younger athletes we have our OSO Mini Bar Barbell. It's a great training bar for kids to teach them technique and get them started with smaller weight.
  • Our Wonder Bar is a great bar at a great price and is considered best for an entry-level athlete.
  • Seasoned athlete or affiliate owner, you may want to consider the Bomba Bar V2 or even the Vaughn Bar.
  • The Wonder Bar, Bomba Bar V2, and Vaughn bar all come in a  20kg for men and 15kg for women. Women's hands tend to be smaller than a mans, so the "women's" bar features a 25mm shaft diameter vs. the "men's" 20kg and 28-32mm shaft.
  • For the couples that lift together (stay together), we have a "his & hers" barbell bundle that includes a 20kg and 15kg barbell.
Each barbell is backed by our lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defects. Want to customize your barbell package? Give us a call at (512) 201-4404 or email and we can customize this package and more for whatever you're needing.

Bushing vs Bearing

Our 20kg Wonder Bar comes in a bronze bushing or needle bearing cartridges. Both bars are excellent for lifting and provide spin.

  • Needle bearing cartridges in the collars provide a little more spin than a bushing barbell.
  • Bearing barbells have a slightly smoother rotation and cost a little more than a bushing.
  • Bushing barbells are typically used for heavy or slower lifts, such as power lifting movements.
  • Bearing barbells are typically used for faster lifts, such as Olympic lifts.
  • Bushing barbells are easier to maintain than their needle bearing counterparts, easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble.
  • Bushing barbells are substantially more durable and require less maintenance. 

Barbell Type Price PSI Whip Warranty Shaft Diameter Knurl Spin Best Use Made In Maintenance 
Wonder Barbell 20kg $199 - $219.00 202,000 Stiff Lifetime 28 Dual Fast Garage Gym, Woding & Oly China  Aesthetics
Bomba Barbell 20kg $255.00 205,000 Moderate Lifetime 28.5 Dual Moderate Garage Gym, Oly, Powerlifting USA Aesthetics
Vaughn Barbell 20kg $399.00 216,000 Whippy Lifetime 28 IWF Oly Oly & Everything Taiwan  Aesthetics

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