Technique Plates


Technique Plates

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

What You Need to Know About Our Technique Plates

OneFitWonder Technique Plates are a great, inexpensive solution for teaching form and technique at low weights. The plates solve the problem of waffly, short-lived 10 lb bumpers plates, giving you a plate that you can depend on. The solid polyurethane construction results in a thicker, stiff plate that keeps the bar at the proper height no matter what.

  • Stronger polyurethane material that doesn't bend and waffle
  • No steel insert to come loose and break out
  • Thicker plate width helps increase durability
  • The best value option for teaching beginners proper form and technique

What Are Technique Plates? Why Use 10lb Tech Plates?

Tech plates are the predecessors to bumper plates. Before the technology and engineering existed to make high quality (light) weight plates from rubber (bumper plates), tech plates were the answer to hold a barbell at proper IWF height to start your first pull for the clean or snatch (or the deadlift for that matter).

There are two reasons in my mind as to why to use them:

  • You have a novice lifter and you want to lightly load the barbell, but still have the lifter learn the proper position to start the bottom of their lifts. The 5# tech plates are great for this.
  • You don't trust 10# bumper plates (for durability). We run across this now and then. Honestly, I suggest our OneFitWonder 10# bumpers to people who think this way. The bumpers are less expensive, and a better option overall. And durability in bumpers has changed vastly from 2005-ish to now.

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    Package Contents and Specifications

    1 Pair of OneFitWonder Technique Plates

    • ColorBlack
    • Weight: 5lb or 10 lb per plate
    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Origin: China
    • Width: 5 pound - 0.625", 10 pound - 1.313"
    • Diameter5 pound - 17.75", 10 pound - 17.5" 

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