Every-buhddddy hurts....

Have you ever pushed a sled?

I know, silly question.

A better question is: Have you ever seen someone who has never pushed a sled, push a sled?

It can be funny, if you're a little cruel inside.

Sled pushes (and pulls) are one of our favorite conditioning exercises at FringeSport, because they suck.

For everyone.

No matter how conditioning or strong you are, a sled can make you hate life.

And like an Airdyne or rower, sleds sneak up on you, especially if your body is not used to the stimulus.

So those first-time sled pushers often get wrecked because they don't anticipate the wallop the sled packs.

And, since it's starting to warm up outside, we're putting two of our most popular sleds on sale.

First up is our Econ Push Sled. I know many of you call it a prowler, and that's what it looks like.

This bad boy is great for garage gyms and boxes on a budget. Of course, it's not designed for heavy/commercial use, but that price sure is nice.

You get vertical poles to push from, plus two high/low horizontal poles, and a sled strap connection for pulling (the strap is separate). 

You're looking at $143 including free shipping this week only.

Seriously, hop on this. You cannot, will not find a better sled for less dough.

Next up is our Chariot Sled. If you really want to make someone barf, this is your Chariot.

Unlike the econ, the Chariot Sled is designed for heavy-duty, commercial box use. Seriously, try and break this thing.

You can't.

What you can do, is load it with hundreds of pounds, and condition your legs for days.

Again, we've got it at a super-low price- $224 including free shipping for this week only.

So get outside, and get your push/pull on. You'll immediately be sorry you did.

But afterwards, you'll know it was worth it.

And send me pictures!



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