5 Differences Between Milspec Bumper Plates and Training Plates

What’s up, Fringe Fam? Jason is back with us today to run through 5 differences between our Mil spec bumper plates and our regular training plates.


1. Milspec Bumper Plates are premium plates

Our Milspecs feature a premium finish that you won’t see on regular training bumper plates. Milspecs feature a matte black finish that’s ultra durable and gives the plate a polished, premium look and feel. When you’ve got a pair of milspecs in your hands and on your bar, you’ll know it.


2. Milspecs have A LOT of technology built into them

We’ve been around in the fitness equipment industry for quite some time now, and we’ve come so far from our first bumper plates to now. The milspec bumper plates we have on our site have gone through years of vigorous testing and we’ve engineered these plates to be extremely durable, feature extremely low bounce, and maintain the look and feel of premium plates, use after use.

Milspecs are designed with a stainless steel hook insert to provide extra shock absorption and even more of a dead bounce upon being dropped than other typical training bumper plates.


3. Milspecs are used for the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

We're so proud to have supplied our milspec plates to other third parties that directly supply the US military with the gear necessary to complete the ACFT.

Milspecs are the only plates designed to meet the requirements for the ACFT.


4. You can drop Milspecs anywhere

Even the 10s! You can drop our milspec plates on concrete, on grass, in your gym, your driveway, you name it. We just supplied these plates at the BCS Classic and The Fittest Experience where they’re dropped on the rodeo arena in the dirt, and they always come back in the pristine condition we brought them in. You can drop these plates literally anywhere… even from your roof, although we’d recommend you take our word for it instead.

5. Milspecs are slightly thinner than standard training bumper plates

It’s true: milspecs are ever-so-slightly thinner than regular training plates, which means you can fit more bumper plates on your bar than with standard plates for even more gains. 

Milspecs are truly an ultra-premium option over our super-premium regular training bumper plates. When deciding which route to take for plates of your own, it really doesn’t matter what you choose, but consider the preferences you have in terms of plate width, appearance, and how the plate performs as well as how you’ll be using your bumper plates.

It doesn’t matter where you’ll be using your milspec plates, they’ll hold up. We warranty them for any usage, anywhere.

It’s also important to consider where you’ll be storing your plates. Will it be in your garage? Is your gym open air, or in a barn? Outside on your patio? We warranty our milspec plates wherever they’re stored, wherever they’re used.

This is part of the reason why our mil spec plates have been approved for the ACFT and use in any environment.

No matter which route you choose to take whether it’s ultra-premium milspecs or super-premium training plates, you’ll be making a great decision for your fitness endeavors.

What are your favorite kinds of plates to train with? Let us know in the comments below. Let us know what you’d like to see from us next!

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As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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