Quick Fix To Butterfly Pullups

Butterfly Pullups are one of the quintessential movement of modern functional fitness. When done properly they are an expression of gymnastic prowess, muscular endurance, strength, and speed. When done improperly, they rip your hands, wreck your shoulders and elbows, and can leave one very frustrated.

Like everything, there is a definite progression to learning an efficient butterfly “kip”. Here are three tips to help you if you’re struggling to string them together.

Hollow Holds and Supermans:

  • If you feel like your legs and torso and arms are all disconnected when you hop up on to the pull-up bar or pull-up rig, they probably are. Practice hollow rocks, hollow holds, and supermans on the ground and on the pullup bar to improve overall body awareness and the positions at full flexion and extension of the kip.

Can’t Kip? Don’t Butterfly!:

  • Seriously, if you can’t do regular kipping pullups first, there’s no cause to try and master the butterfly pullup. Understand that their is a process to everything and that there is no better way to do pullups, or anything else for that matter, just different or more efficient ways. Learn every step to truly master the movement.

Watch your grip:

  • The position you put your hand in is key and literally sets you up for either strength or failure. Check out the video below to see exactly how you should be setting up on the bar!

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