The Best Squat Rack for Your Garage Gym

So you’ve decided to pull the trigger and start outfitting your garage into a home gym. Great! However, now comes the task of figuring out how best to use the space you have while still making sure your new home gym can deliver and be the type of training space that you need.

We’ve taken a look at several squat racks and have concluded that for these three reasons, the Commercial Independent Squat Rack is our top choice for a garage gym squat rack.

1. What’s the Footprint?

  • The greatest thing about the Commercial Indy Squat Rack is the amount of space it takes up, or lack thereof. Get your Olympic lifts or metcons in before hand, and when you’re ready to squat simply roll your squat rack out from a corner or edge of the gym and get to work.

2. Solid

  • It may be compact and come in two pieces, but don’t doubt the Commercial Indy’s ability to perform. Built with 2x3 boxed steel and sporting a 1,000lb weight limit, this rack will hold up the loads you need to get stronger.

3. Versatile

  • Squatting? No Problem. Benching? Please do! The uprights on the Commercial Indy start with standard 2” hole spacing at the top for squats and overhead work, however toward the middle portion the spacing turns to 1” which allows you to get the perfect height when adjusting J-Cups for bench work.

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