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Conditioning exercises are important for your strength training regime. It can develop more power and speed to your movements, and help build your endurance. We have a few movements that can be done utilizing mostly a sled, but a couple of movements can be done alternatively with another piece of equipment.

To execute these movements you will need any of the following: sled, a sled strap, battle rope, sandbag trainer, bumper plates. Turn up the pain level by incorporating a weight vest, you can read more on incorporating a weight vest into your training.

Battle Rope / Sled Combo

Battle Ropes alone are a pretty brutal piece of conditioning equipment, paired with a sled...bring the pain, please! Do 3 rounds of these three movements.

  • Battle Ropes: Use the sled as an anchor for the battle ropes. You can do regular slams, alternating slams, or lateral waves - you can change it up each round too. Cody of Unorthodox Fitness mentioned a killer battle rope exercise in his interview that you can try.

    Depending on your level of fitness, you can do this movement for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or even a minute. Just remember you have two other movements after ;)

  • Sled Pulls: Using the battle rope, pull the sled towards you until it is right in front of you. You can add bumpers or even a sandbag trainer on top of your sled for more resistance.

  • Sled Push: Push the sled back to where it started. Once you've reached the starting point you can give yourself 30 seconds of rest and repeat. If you only have a pull sled, you can pull the sled back to the starting point instead of pushing it.

Targeted Muscle Groups: Full body and core. Incorporate a squat with your battle rope movements to increase the intensity of the lower body muscle groups.

Crawl with Pull Throughs

This workout can be done using either a sled with sled strap or a sandbag trainer, while doing some good ol' fashion bear crawls. Do 3 rounds (back and forth). You can crawl the length of your gym or driveway.

  • You will want to start with the sled or sandbag trainer behind you if you're in a bear crawl stance.

  • You will reach towards your feet to pull the sled or sandbag trainer towards your head.

  • Continue crawling until the sled or sandbag is at your feet and repeat.

  • Pull through with one hand on one length of the way and use your other hand on the way back.

Targeted Muscle Groups: Full Body.

Additional Sled Movements

Here are a couple movements that can be done with either a sled or sandbag trainer. You can incorporate them in your next workout or do them in combination with the previously mentioned movements.

  • Row: Doing this movement on a sled, face the sled and pull it towards you. Take a step backwards and repeat. You can do bent over rows using a sandbag trainer.

  • Chest Press: This movement is very similar to the row movement mentioned above except your are facing away from the sled. Take a step forward and repeat.

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Susie Sebastian


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