Finding the right barbell can be a trying task. How aggressive do you want your knurling? Do you want center knurling? Do you want 15kg or 20kg? And the most important, trying to find it within your price point? Well one feature we get questions about all the time is, "What is the difference between bushing and bearing?"

You may notice the obvious difference, bearing bars tend to be a bit pricier than bushing bars. There a couple key differences that you'll definitely want to keep in mind when you're shopping for your next barbell.

Bearing barbells are typically used for faster lifts, such as Olympic lifts. The faster movements to chest or overhead, make a bearing bar ideal for these types of lifts like clean & jerk or snatches.

Our bearing barbells have high precision needle bearing cartridges for a wicked spin. You’ll be thankful for the spin during your heavy Olympic lifts, plus it’s nice to have while you WOD.

Our Wonder Bar comes in a Bearing version, as well as our Olympic Weightlifting Bar, and our Hybrid Bar.

Our Hybrid Bar is an excellent choice if you like to switch between fast and slow lifts because the bearings we chose will play nice with your slow lifts.

Bushing barbells are typically used for heavy or slower lifts, such as powerlifting movements like squat, bench, and deadlift.

Some people use bearing bars for slower lifts or bushing bars for fast lifts. They both provide great spin. One complaint we've heard about using a bearing bar, over a bushing, for slower lifts is that it can feel "uneven" or "off balanced" in the movements.

Our Wonder Bar also comes in a Bushing version, as well as our Power Bar that is great for powerlifting because it also has a bit more of an aggressive knurl to give you a good grip during your heavier lifts (it has center knurling as well). Another bushing bar we have is our American-Made Bomba Bar - it's a good mid-range bar between our Wonder and Power Bars.

Our Hybrid Bar is an excellent choice if you like to switch between fast and slow lifts because as we mentioned earlier, the bearings play nice on those slower lifts.

Our bushing barbells use self lubricating bronze bushings. They're designed to last in your gym.