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Day 6 | Octopuses Are 8-Armed Houdinis

by Sydney Capello

Recap: As you may have noticed, we’re a bit different here at Fringe, and in keeping with this theme, we’ve decided to provide you with cool octopus facts over the next 8 days leading up to the release of something very special & TOP SECRET 🤫...

Fact #6 Octopuses Are 8-Armed Houdinis

Octopuses are masters of escape who make Houdini blush. 

They'll escape ANYTHING. Even the most, high-security prison, erm, I mean, aquarium.

They're formless, squishy bodies allow them to contort, compress and twist in mind-boggling ways. 

Give them the most complex of scenarios and they'll find a way out.

They can even be put in a Mason jar and unscrew the lid from the inside out and break free.

One octopus escaped their terrestrial holding facility, by slinking into a drainpipe and running out into the ocean, creating the most famous marine version of The Shawshank Redemption.

Did you know that a 600-pound octopus is able to squeeze through a tube the size of a quarter?

It's true! Check out one of the most famous cases of their amazing contortion feats in is this internet gem...

Want to work on your flexibility? Check out a few of the items below. 

1.) Muscle Roller Stick

2.) Massage Ball

For those who are already on that octopus level

3.) Climbing Peg Board


Sydney Capello
Sydney Capello