DIY Space | Foam Roller in Five Minutes

These DIY Space builds are fast, quick, and helpful and today’s DIY is no different. Today’s 12th DIY just might be the easiest, fastest “how-to” we’ve ever done. Ready for it? PVC Pipe Muscle Rollers!!!

You’re no doubt familiar with foam rollers in 2020 as they are in nearly every gym. However, did you know you could make one in less than 5 minutes for less than $10? No lie! This DIY is a one-step wonder. You heard that right, folks.

foam rolling

How to Make a Foam Roller in 5 Minutes or Less

Must Haves

  • 24-inch-cut 4" diameter PVC Pipe
  • Something to Cut PVC With (hacksaw, PVC cable saw, or whatever is at your local hardware’s cutting kiosk)


Cut your 4" PVC into a 24-inch piece using whatever tools you decided on and that's it, fam. Say hello to your new mobility friend.

Now that you're all set to get to rolling with your homies! 

STEP #2 (optional) Add Flare

As an added optional step, you can wrap your foam roller in Rock Tape to add some flare and comfort to your roll. 

The Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling has a multitude of health and wellness benefits. Foam rolling your muscles can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation. It can even increase the range of motions in your joints! Add foam rolling to your warm-up or cooldown as an effective tool and you'll see results in no time. While the benefits certainly vary from person to person, anyone and everyone can see positive results after using the foam roller properly and consistently over time. Check out this awesome article on foam rolling tips.

Have another way to make a DIY foam roller? Let us know in the comments!

Guest Author: Sydney Capello

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