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Need to save some cash but are looking for new gym toy? Look no further. Our 11th DIY is all about the balance, brah. This DIY balance board is the cheapest and easiest one you can make. If you spend more than $25, you should just return the supplies and buy a manufactured one like this.

🔺WARNING: You must be willing and able to take a fall while using this board. Taking falls is part of using ANY balance board and, while some are safer than others, this one is more on the dangerous side. Looking for a safer way to try? Substitute a cut up pool noodle for PVC pipe in this DIY.

How to Make the Cheapest Balance Board

STEP #1 Find Some Wood

Get yourself a plank of wood. This can be by any means necessary. Don’t get crazy though. Here in Austin, it’s really easy to find discarded wood along roads, so I was able to source all my lumber this way. But if you can’t find wood easily, just visit your local hardware store. Make sure it is thick enough, wide, and not too short. If the board is too short, it will be too difficult to use.

STEP #2 Put A Stop On It 

To make sure the DIY balance board doesn't shoot out from under you, you must add stoppers. You can use some rectangular wood craft pieces that are less than $15, and then use nails and a hammer to join the stoppers together. Then hammer the combined nails and pieces of wood onto each plank end. 

PRO-TIP: Make sure your stoppers aren't too thick as this will be difficult to hammer and they will also hit the ground more as you practice. Additionally, Make sure your nails are long enough to penetrate the wood, but not so long that they'll go all the way through and poke out. Nails on a balance board is an accident waiting to happen! 

Having trouble? Drill some shallow holes into the plank before trying to hammer the stoppers on. 

Hate the whole idea of hammering and finding wood? Just use an old skateboard or borrow a friend's. 

STEP #3 Drink Break!

Okay, so you don’t have to take a drink break, but you deserve one after doing the hammering in Step #2. 

Fill a 2-liter soda bottle up with water (drinking it is optional) and make sure there is no air trapped in it.

PRO-TIP: If you can find a 3-liter bottle, this will make the board a little easier to use. 

STEP #4 Get to Balancing, Brah

This is a great way to try out balance boards with little to no commitment. If you're having trouble getting started, don't be afraid of trying something new and check out the video below for tips on how to begin or read this article


Guest Post: Sydney Capello

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