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Today we’re going to create some gear for tire drags, tire pulls, and reverse hypers. Who’s with me?? I don’t know about you but there’s something that feels mighty about dragging a tire across a lot. 

How To Create Thrifty Tire Gear

At A Glance

Cost: FREE 

Tools/Supplies: Tire, Drill, Truck Straps (if you already have them) or Rope, Old Backpack

STEP #1: Get Yo Tire

Get yourself a tire. We have two tires sitting in a field behind Fringe Sport HQ. You can also find them behind shopping centers on the sides of roads and alongside creek beds. Once you start looking out for them, you’ll start seeing them all over the place. 

No luck finding a tire? Call a local tire shop. They’ll likely give you an old one for FREE.

STEP #2 Get to Drilling

Nothing crazy here. Just drill a hole in the tire.


STEP #3 Hook It All Up

If you are using truck straps...

Secure the hook of the truck strap through the hole that you just created. 

If you are using a rope... 

Use an eye bolt, two bolts, and two washers. Put the eye bolt through the hole bolt and then put the washer on whichever side of the tire. Finally, anchor the rope to the eye bolt anddd you’re all set!

How to Use Tire Equipment

Please note, this list is not exhaustive. It's merely inspiration for you and your new tire set up. 

Option #1 Tire Drags 

To increase weight, add a kettlebell/dumbbell or two on the inside of the tire’s lip. 

Next, hook the straps of your old backpack and then take the hook and hook it on the tire. Now you can get to draggin’!

Check out the video below of some tire sprints in action.


Option #2 Tire Pull

This one’s easy. Just connect the strap to the tire and pull!!

Option #3 Tire Jumps

You can even use the tire by itself for speed and agility training!! Check out the video below to see how. 


What’s your favorite tire WOD? Tag us on social doing it for a chance to be featured!

Guest Post: Sydney Capello

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