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I’m Sydney and I started DIY Space to document my fitness journey and to guide others who like me 1) love a good bargain and 2) wish to build their own home gym! 

I was in physical therapy from an accident, so I was unable to work out. After PT ended, it was a slow and intimidating process getting back into the swing of things fitness-wise. I put it off for a long time (5 months to be exact), but eventually, I adopted a pitbull-mix puppy named Xena. Soon after, I realized I needed to get stronger… fast in order to be the best dog mom I could to her. (Her pulls are seriously no joke!) So the first week I adopted her, I started working out with Susie, a member of the Marketing Team at Fringe, and her sister Sandra, the UT Powerlifting Coach. Hook Em! 

I digress. While I absolutely LOVE using the 100% FREE gym here on site, I also love working out at home, especially on the weekends. So with that in mind, I have slowly started to accumulate gear. A kettlebell here, a resistance band there and so on and so forth. 

So today, I’m going to make my own whiteboard!

Whiteboards are great for WODs, but they’re also wonderful for household & personal organization. In this blog, we’ll explain how to make your very own budget-friendly whiteboard!

How to Make Your Own Beautiful Whiteboard

So you may be thinking, “Why not just buy one??” 

Well... erm... they happen to be pretty expensive. 

They range from around $30 to upwards of $200. When I look at the cost and then look at my monthly budget, I’d rather make one myself!! 

But just in case you don’t feel like DIY, but ARE feeling the benefits of a whiteboard. Below are 3 links to some of my favorite ones.

  1. Glass “White” Board
  2. Classic Whiteboard 
  3. Rolling Whiteboard

DIY Plan #1  White Panel Board + Clear Coat

This is the most economic option discussed in this blog. If you’re balling on a budget, this is for you, my friend. 

Step #1 You can purchase as many or as few white panel boards as you’d like (depending on the space you’re working with) from your local hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Remember, there’s no wrong size. It’s all about what works for YOU!

 diy whiteboard supplies

These white panel boards are less than $14, so a lot of box gym owners & home gymmers choose this option as it saves them a lot of money which they can then spend on more new & exciting gym gear💪.


It must be noted that while these boards start out awesome, they inevitably start to stain, discolor, and fall apart. 

But hey, for less than $ 20, this is still a solid choice. 

Want an elevated version of this DIY? Move on to the optional second step.

Step #2 Just add some Rustoleum Clear Dry Erase paint to your white panel board and you’ve got yourself a DIY Whiteboard that’s just like a real whiteboard except way cheaper!

diy whiteboard supplies

Still want an elevated DIY, but the cost is not as much of a factor?

Then this next option is for you!

DIY Plan #2 Peel & Stick or IdeaPaint

Basic whiteboards are everywhere nowadays. From amazon (as linked above) to office supply stores, you can find a whiteboard without trying too hard at pretty much any superstore. However, if you still want to make your own, this is a good second DIY option, and it’s a step up in quality compared to the last plan. 

Aside from being a step up in quality, these next two options are also great for custom areas. 

Option #1 How To Use Peel & Stick Dry Erase Contact Paper

Step #1 You can get this stuff at a few different retailers, but I prefer Amazon. It’s cheap and easy to use. What more could you want in a DIY? 

Step #2 Just locate a smooth, clean, dry surface, peel off the paper, and get to transforming! You can cut this paper into whatever shape you like or keep it in its classic rectangular form. If you go with a bigger area, have a partner help you stick it onto the surface to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. 

Check out this very cheesy but very helpful how-to video below.


This brings us to our last option, Idea Paint

Option #2 How To Use Idea Paint

DIY Whiteboard Paint

I’ll be real with you. Idea Paint is expensive AF; However, it is still a really dope product to play with and use around your home, gym, and office. 

BUT BEWARE: it only works on non-textured walls, so look out! 

Step #1 I repeat you must have a legitimately smooth surface to get this product to work the way it was intended. (I just want to make sure no one goes and buys an expensive product that they ultimately can’t use because that’s never fun.) 

Step #2 Once you have your chosen surface (wood panel, desk, or even fridge door) you can transform it within minutes into a high-quality whiteboard using the kit and instructions it comes with. 

Obviously, Idea Paint is an expensive DIY route BUT it is extremely high quality even compared to the Rustoleum option and really useful when it comes to custom areas where a typical whiteboard size just won't cut it. 

Which plan will you go with? Tag us on social (@fringesport #fringesportDIY) so we can see your whiteboards in the community! 

Guest Post: Sydeny Capello

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