We do our best to keep our ear to the ground and finger to the pulse of what our customers, fans, and followers need and want to know. 

We've been seeing a pattern in some of the questions we're being asked lately. 

Some aren't addressed in our FAQ, and others aren't fully answered. 

So we thought we'd give them a dedicated forum here in our blog. 

We've rounded them up for you, so without further ado, here are the...

Fringe Sport Top 5 Questions

1. How do you compare to that one company? Or...How are you different from (fill in the blank)?

We sell high-quality gear, at a great price with world-class customer service. This is the holy trinity of what we do for the garage gym movement. 

Upholding our holy trinity takes hard work, dedication and love, even love for the competition. Saying anything bad about them does a disservice to people getting strong and the garage gym movement, which are a couple of things we fully support. 

Fringe Sport toy store door

Besides, we have the coolest, toy store door.

We prefer to focus on us and what we do and what we do differently. We don't trip over ourselves solely catering to high-profile pros, we don't copycat the trendy, rough and tough persona of Sparta from over 2,000 years ago, we've never sponsored an athlete to say good things for us, and we don't back gimmicky, snake oil shortcuts to getting strong and healthy. 

For every "girl next door" there's a "garage gymmer" next door.  We're here for all the garage gymmers all the way up to peak performers. We may not notice or see you in your work wear, but we've got you spotted as soon as your garage door goes up. 

We're here to take common lives on a journey, by way of strength, to uncommon success. We're here to elevate you from a faceless passerby to a stand out who's outside the ordinary because being outside the ordinary is a Fringe Sport after all. 

Speaking of "outside the ordinary" have you seen the love lately?

Fringe testimonial

testimonial love

testimonial love 2

testimonial love 4

testimonial love 5

And sometimes when we're feeling a raging pump after lifting, we enjoy sending out free sticker packs to our fans...

sticker love

2. How long has Fringe Sport been around for?

Our founder Peter Keller started supplying the gear and hardware for the garage gym movement back in 2010. 

We've been outfitting the garage gym movement for almost 9 years now, and can't wait to celebrate our 10th anniversary next year. 

10 years strong will be quite the accomplishment, and we owe it all to you, our loyal fans, followers and customers. 

3. When will you have (fill in the blank) back in stock?

This may be the trickiest question of all. Unfortunately, we don't have a crystal ball to tell you the exact date in the future. More often than not, the item you're asking about is on backorder. 

If the item has been back ordered, this means that it's either in transit to us or our dedicated blacksmiths are laboring in the Fringe forge to hammer out more product. 

In the case that the item is en route to Fringe HQ, we'll have a soft estimate of when it will arrive at our bay door. When it comes to planes, trains, automobiles and container ships, you probably have noticed they have a fondness for being delayed and not arriving on time. Thus, the meaning of "soft estimate" as we have little control over shipments arriving on time, especially if the perfect storm is popping somewhere along our shipping lane in the ocean. 

Fringe Sport gymWorkout in our gym while you wait. 

In the case that the item is being hammered out in the Fringe forge, we highly recommend exercising your best patience. When you're on the Fringe, good things don't come to people who wait. GREAT things come to people who lift.

4. Do you offer financing?

Yes, yes we do. 

We offer two-tiered financing, for purchases above and below $1,000. 

For purchases under $1,000, you'll be approved online, at the moment of purchase, to get your gear from mouse to house the fastest possible.

For purchases above $1,000, the approval process takes a little bit longer. 

You can learn about all your options, with all the details here.

5. When will you begin to offer/sell (fill in the blank)?

We always have new products in the pipeline, as well as using all of your questions, feedback, and inquiries as grist for our research & development. 

We take your wants and needs to heart, and if your wish list item is in our product development pipeline, we're happy to let you know that it's on the horizon.

Fringe Sport warehouseBehind the scenes magic of getting your gear mouse to house.

Due to the wide variety of external factors not under our control that influences our production speed and cycles, our ability to foretell the future gets cloudy.

We want to be realistic, yet at the same time, not create expectations that aren't met.

If you're extra amped up to see us add a product, by all means, please feel free to go straight to the top, by contacting our founder/CEO Peter Keller and telling him what you want.

He loves hearing from our customers, fans and followers. He'll be delighted to answer your emails and inquiries. Peter doesn't do any gatekeeping on his inbox. 

Please reach out to him: peter@fringesport.com


Actually a two fer for you. 

Do you have a retail store and/or gym?

Yes, emphatically to both!

You're welcome to check out the retail toy store at Fringe HQ anytime during our business hours

Fringe Sport retail storeOur toys in retail all waiting for a "lift" home.

We also have a gym that's open to the public during our business hours, and, wait for it...FREE!

Yeah, that's right.

I said free. Free for anyone. Not just customers.

Fringe Sport gym

Come on down and be outside the ordinary.

Thanks for reading Fringe Nation. Hope this helps to preemptively answer some of your most frequent questions. If you have anymore, please fire away in the comments below. Have a great day and gift life a lift!