Heavy Duty Strength Training with Resistance Bands

Don't make the mistake of underestimating heavy-duty strength training with resistance bands. 

Too many people do, thus ignoring a useful tool in the gym to help them get those desired gains. 

Working with resistance bands isn't new to some. 

What might be new is working with the thickest resistance bands.

We're talking about the 3.25" X-heavy orange band and the 4" XX-heavy dark red band.

orange and dark red resistance bands

How thick do you feel today?

Make no doubt about it, these bands are usually reserved for the strongest of men and beasts.

I'm a powerlifter and find these challenging to use. 

I'd recommend these mostly for powerlifters and anyone else who dares. 

And by dare, I mean risking get launched into orbit by the sturdiest rubber band ever.

5 Movements with Heavy Duty Strength Training Resistance Bands

1. Resisted Sprint Training

The easiest of the lot. If you have a partner, step through the band, and have your help hold the other end and anchor you. Have them stand firm and grip strong, while you run forward as fast and hard as possible. 

Resisted sprint training has a number of benefits.

I enjoy the strength endurance twist. If you own a sled with handles, you can put the band over the handles after you step through it, and pull the sled, while you run or walk. You'll feel like an NFL player in the combine for sure. I enjoy it just for this reason, to make me think for a minute that I'm a pro football player. 

2. Spinal Decompression

This is a crazy, fun one if you have back problems and want to fulfill your Spiderman fantasies. 

Hang yourself upside down with the band attached to a well-anchored pullup bar. 

The movement is known as inversion, which decompresses your spine. 

The idea is to mimic traction, create separation and relieve pressure on the nerves in the back. This helps to decrease pain and improve function in turn.

Stand on a plyo, step through and have a friend help lower you.

spinal decompression

Inversion Spiderman at your service.

3. Front Squats

Change it up by doing some front squats. This is an easy movement to perform. Check it out below. 

4. Side Bends

Work your obliques by doing some side bends. Super simple movement. Step on the band with one leg and grip the band with one hand. With the band parallel and outside the leg you're using to step on it with, bend at the hip to the opposite side. 

side bends

Bend it like Nick.

5. Deadlifts

Step on the band with both feet, slightly less than shoulder width apart. Grab the band with both hands and place it behind your neck. Keeping your back straight perform your normal deadlift movement. 

deadlift starting position

Nick doesn't look pleased doing band deadlifts.

strength band deadlift bottom

The bottom of the deadlift movement.

There you have some new ideas for heavy-duty strength training with resistance bands.

For some more exercises check out the video below, courtesy of @rosstraining on Instagram.


If you train with heavy-duty resistance bands and have any movements to share, please by all means, share all your input, ideas and feedback with us in the comments below. 

Lift beyond the ordinary Fringe Nation!

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