Introducing: The Fatty Comp Bench

Our brand new Fatty Comp Bench is THE bench for your garage gym. Boasting a 4” THICC pad, it offers the most comfort and allows for maximum mobility during your workouts and heaviest bench seshes.

As you may have noticed, we offer two different pad widths for the Fatty Comp Bench: the 12” and the 14.5” pads. This might cause some confusion, and we want to clear that up for you.

First of all, both bench widths are phenomenal options for your journey in the Garage Gym Revolution. The difference between widths offer different benefits for different kinds of garage-gymmers, and both are great for however you practice your strength in your space.

The 12” pad is perfect for everyday garage-gym-revolutioners looking for a great, sturdy, all around practical bench for not only benching, but other movements like step ups, hip thrusts, preacher curls, and more. The 4” thickness and 12” width offer super stability (like… the weight is movin’ and you’re not goin’ anywhere), and a touch of extra mobility in your shoulders. This size the one to grab if you’re not a hardcore powerlifter or huge dude looking for an extra wide pad for even more stability.

Now, the 14.5” pad is the BIG one. It’s wide, and wider than what a general garage-gymmer will be looking for. If you’re a general-gymmer, stick with the 12” for maximum comfort and versatility. If you’re an athlete that specifically powerlifts, this 14.5” width pad is the pad for you. It gives an extra 2.5” inches of stability and space to sit under your wide shoulders and support you during your heaviest benches. This 14.5” pad also allows for versatility in movements, and can be used for much more than just benching. Box squats, step-ups, hip thrusts, and incline/decline work can all be a part of the equation with your wide Fatty Comp Bench.

Both pads offer more mobility in the shoulders under a barbell or dumbbell bench because you’re able to lock in the shoulders where they need to be and they’ll stay there. There’s no question that the shoulders are going to remain where they need to be because the pad itself is the perfect combination of firmness and softness to offer a great range of motion.

Regardless of your sport, this bench is the way to go. It’s super stable foundation and 4” thick pad are made to support you, your heaviest weights, and allow you to get into proper form for whatever you’re doing. The bench foundation features feet perpendicular to the bench, forming a “T,” to allow for whatever set-up you need to get in your best set-up to hit massive weight and get the work done without inconvenience.

We also offer the other pad as an option. Say you start as a general-gymmer and then decide to take on Powerlifting in a few months… we’ve got you covered. Both the 12” and 14.5” pads can be purchased to swap out with the original pad, and it’s super easy to swap them out.

We hope this makes the difference between pad sizes more clear for you, Fringe Fam. If you’ve got any questions about our newest bench, what size to choose, or our products, please feel free to send us a message at, chat with us on our site, or leave a comment below.

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