Fringe Sport Reviews: Squat Rack, Bumpers and Hex Bar

Greetings Fringe Nation!

We like to wear sunglasses because our reviews are so bright. We're not used to being thrown shade. 

Our friends over at (formerly gave us some reviews and put some of our gear in the spotlight, while Joel at As Many Reviews As Possible did the same. 

Fortunately, we're comfortable in the bright lights of center stage. 

But our gear loves the limelight. It's even more comfortable as it gives you high performance in pressure-packed moments all the time. 

So if you've been fantasizing about popping a squat in your garage, but need a nudge, here's more info about our commercial squat rack

If images of squats haven't been dancing in your mind, but bumpers and hex bars have, then today, you're in luck!

TwoRepCave also did a review of our hex bar and bumpers. Everyone knows the reputation of our bumpers, but if you need more proof and evidence, here you go.

If for some strange reason you're still not convinced of how awesome our bumpers are, check out the review of our black bumpers that As Many Reviews As Possible did.

Enjoy reading up on our gear and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. 

Have a great day and be awesome!

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