We have a major announcement. 

We're so excited we just can't hide it!

We're happy to bring you the..

Grand Opening, Inaugural, Debut, Premiere, Ribbon Cutting of...

STRONGER by Fringe Sport

Yeah, it's going to be that cool. 

Fringe Sport brings you STRONGER by Fringe Sport, real-world fitness - classes that provide challenging, motivating and supportive workouts focusing on functional training to help you build strength, power, movement, and mobility that translate into better performance both in and out of the gym. We are building a community of diverse individuals with a shared desire to be better tomorrow than they are today.

We're here to help fill a space with community strength advocates and devotees, that makes training accessible to all fitness and income levels. 

Whether you need some professional training before you take up your regimen at your garage gym, you're looking to build confidence before joining another gym or returning to your home gym, we want to help you fill the gap.

We want to make sure wherever you go, you're strong and confident. 

We can't guarantee you'll look this cool though. 


All local fitness classes will be held here at Fringe Sport World HQ.


3725 Drossett Drive
Austin, Texas 78744
Click here for the sweet computer mapped directions.
Plenty of FREE parking in our lot!


Classes kick off Monday, October 15!!! Pack your gym bags. 

o   FringeFIT (MTThF at 6am, 11am & 6pm) These classes offer an all-encompassing program utilizing functional movements, including body weight exercises, plyometrics, basic gymnastics, and barbell lifting. All levels and experience welcome.

o   FringeSTRENGTH (Sat 9am) Join us for this weekly systematic training program that incorporates barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and a variety of strongman tools such as stones and sleds to push, pull and carry your way to greater strength, power, and durability.

o   Open Gym (FREE) – M-F 9am-6pm and Sat/Sun 10am-4pm Please note our change in open gym hours for our regulars. 


Classes will be instructed by Michael “Big Mike” Gregory.

Meet your trainer and MC of training, "Big Mike."

Michael “Big Mike” Gregory is a 15-year fitness industry veteran and lifelong Texan specializing in Strength and Conditioning, high-intensity training, functional fitness for health and longevity, mobility and recovery, and group fitness coaching. During his decade and a half as a coach and trainer, Michael has earned multiple CrossFit certifications (L1/L2, Kettlebell, Nutrition, Football, Mobility) as well as the Level 1 USA Weightlifting certification under renowned Olympic Weightlifting Coach Mike Burgener and has 15+ years of experience with Olympic Weightlifting and Power Lifting.

Because of personal experience overcoming injuries, immobility and physical limitations, Michael is passionate about teaching his clients that mobilization, flexibility, activation, and recovery are integral parts of training and performance.  A yoga enthusiast, Michael incorporates mobility work into his own training as well as that of his clients.

Michael’s understanding of hardship and of the desire of people to overcome physical and mental limitations allows him to bring a unique level of empathy into his work with clients.  He has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages, in both 1-to-1 and group settings.  Michael’s versatility allows him to work as effectively with a high school athlete needing intense strength and conditioning training as with a retiree interested in gaining mobility, functional movement and youthful energy. He is passionate about helping people reach their maximum potential by sharing his fitness knowledge with individuals ready to commit to a program of health and wellness.

Gift life a lift.


All classes are 60-minutes and currently donation-based. There is no minimum donation required

Drop-ins welcome or register for a class on MindBodyOnline.com or the MindBody app (find us as “FringeSport”).

For all class times and additional information, jump over here


Because you're strong and want to get stronger. 

Because you're awesome. 

Because you have a crush on Fringe Sport. 


See you at class Fringe Nation!

Adam Miezio
Adam Miezio