Why Is a Garage Gym Worth It?

If you’re here, you’ve likely been wondering: is a garage gym really worth it? Well, is it worth it to leave a crowded, impersonal globo gym to invest in a gym that’s all your own? We’re here with Travon, one of our awesome sales team members to tell you: yes, a garage gym really IS worth it. Here are some reasons why.


If you consider all of the time spent when you’re going to a gym that’s not in your house, you’ve got to include the time it takes to get to and from the gym, plus the time you spend waiting on the next machine to get through your workout. Your time is valuable, and that’s time spent waiting and traveling instead of actually working out.

If you’re currently attending a globo gym, does your routine look like this? 

  1. Wake up early in the morning, get clothes, supplements packed (15-20 minutes depending on efficiency)
  2. Head to the gym (15-20 minutes, and if you live in a big city like Austin, potentially up to 30 minutes or more)
  3. At the gym, start stretching, rolling, get moving and scope out which machines you’re going to use and see if they’re taken (usually 45-90 minutes)
  4. Complete workout, head home and drive through traffic (20-30 minutes, if not more)

This routine takes up A LOT of precious time that instead could have been spent in your garage gym and shortened your morning routine extensively.

If you invest your own gym in your garage, you can wake up and start stretching right away (even in your PJs because hey, who’s gym is it? Yours!) You’ll have no commute, plus full access to a squat rack (no fighting over it with everyone else who decided to squat that day!), a barbell and set of bumper plates all your own, full access to your favorite cardio machines, and full, easy access to the equipment you need to successfully complete your workout without having to wait for someone to finish on the machine before you.

Fringe Fam, we know you’re busy and have a lot of things going on between work, outside plans, and other life commitments. Your time is absolutely precious and it should be spent where it matters most, and a garage gym allows you to get that time back.

Plus, it’s always awesome to see families and friends working out together in a garage gym, because those are such well-spent times and can lead to great memories with your kids and the ones closest to you. They get to see your hard work you’re pouring into your investment in yourself and your gym, and you’ll likely see that reflected in them as they grow into adults.

Pricing and Value

With a home gym, the saying goes “buy once, cry once,” especially when you buy from Fringe Sport ;) and when you’re attending a globo gym, the saying goes, “buy forever, cry forever.”

For example, buying your own barbell, bumper plates, and a cardio machine (and a squat rack, for good measure) might cost you about a thousand dollars or so, but when investing in a gym membership, you spend that over the course of a year or two without personal return.

Check out our Commercial Quality starter package to get your garage gym journey started and get the gear you need in one click. It comes with a squat rack, a barbell, a flat bench, and a pair of super strap collars. The perfect starter set-up!

When you buy your own equipment, it might take you a bit to get that money back in return via usage, but if you get tired of it or don’t use it anymore, you’re able to sell your equipment on a marketplace and get your investment, or close to it (if not more!), back.


When you invest in a home gym, you have the control in your hands. If you’re someone that’s investing in a gym membership, especially during these times, that’s opening and closing frequently, and you’re a CrossFitter or powerlifter or anyone who wants to accomplish your goals and has a strict program, it makes it very difficult to reach those goals if your gym is inconsistently open.

Having a home gym gives you that control back into your hands, and whatever you need to do for your program, you have on hand without having to worry about the gym opening, closing, or having to fight for a piece of equipment.

If you’re interested in investing in your own home gym to take back your time, control, and invest in something that is going to give you massive return, reach out to our team.

Send us a message at team@fringesport.com, or reach out to someone on our amazing sales team. We’d love to help you reach your goals and build your dream home gym.

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As always, lift heavy in your garage gym, lift happy :)

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