Workout of the Week: Benefits of Box Squats

Benefits of Box Squats

This week's workout was inspired by @glitteranddirtxo69xo on Instagram. They tagged us in an awesome pic of them doing box squats. Let's explain why you should incorporate them in your routine.

What You'll Need

large crossed dumbbells
black bumper stack

The Workout

The box squat is an exercise that has been mostly utilized by the powerlifting community but is a great way to improve your squats. Here are a few reasons why you should consider incorporating the "box squat" to improve your squat.

  • Improve explosiveness out of "the hole" when you're squatting.
  • If you are a newer lifter (or even been lifting for a while) doing a box squat can help enforce proper technique. Since you will tap the box briefly during your squat, this technique will make sure you are squatting to depth every time.
  • You can also work on your range of motion if your box is a bit higher than parallel. As you progress you can get the box height closer to parallel.

The "Mind Pump TV" has done a great video explaining how to properly do a box squat. They even let you know what NOT to do.

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