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20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport


20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport

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The Fringe Sport Hybrid Barbell is the ultimate mix of Olympic, Power, and WOD features in an aggressive, strong knurling. **Not for newbies**

How long have you been lifting?

If the answer is less than 2 years, go here. Our Wonder barbell is less expensive and it's going to treat you well for years to come.

Have you been extensively training the Olympic lifts, Power lifts, and WODing?

Do you want the best bar that combines all those lifts into one aggro package?

Good, you can stay.

The Fringe Sport Hybrid barbell is a one-of-a-kind beast. Of course it's a standard 20kg men's bar, but built from the ground up for a powerful badass.

We started with 216,200 psi steel. We cut the shaft down to 28.5mm- slightly larger than the normal 28mm Olympic diameter. The extra width takes down the whip just a touch, and makes the barbell better for the slow lifts- your deadlifting, squatting, and benching.

Then we run that steel through aggressive knurling (the crosshatching), with marks ("rings") for both powerlifting and Olympic movements. Plus we add a center knurl.

There's magic in this knurling. Don't tell anyone, but here are the secrets:

  • The "hand" portions of the knurl are aggressive- but blunted. This is not a powerlifter "cheese grater" knurl- it's a deep knurl that will leave your calluses happy.
  • We backed off the knurl a few inches from the center. Ever seen someone pull deadlifts until their shins bleed? Not on the Fringe Sport Hybrid Barbell.
  • Does that center knurl? We ran the lathe lightly over the center of the barbell- lightly kissing the steel and imparting a passive center knurl that helps with lining up for your lifts, lightly biting your shirt for heavy squats, and for sumo deadlift high pulls.
  • And finally, the matte chrome finish mimics the unbeatable feel of bare steel, but with a high corrosion (aka rust) resistance.

Don't think that we stopped innovating with just the knurl.

Each shaft is deflected to 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds!) during the production process to ensure your bar will take any weight you decide to throw at it.

And finally, we added 4 high precision needle bearing cartridges for a wicked spin. You'll be thankful for the spin during your heavy Olympic lifts, plus it's nice to have while you WOD. And the bearings we chose will play nice with your slow lifts.

If you've read this far, and you are not a newb, add this bad boy to your cart and retire the rest of your barbells as you crush PRs.

What You Need to Know About the FringeSport Hybrid Weightlifting Barbell



  • Ultra-strong 216,200 PSI Tensile Strength Steel
  • 206,900 Yield Strength Steel
  • Deflection tested to 2,200 pounds (1,000 kilograms)
  • Matte chrome shaft and sleeve- high corrosion resistance, with great "hand feel" for grip
  • Manganese phosphate "sleeve collar"
  • Dual knurl marks for Olympic lifts and Power lifts
  • "Shin friendly" deadlift knurl
  • Deep depth "hand" knurl with blunted tops- allows a secure grip even in "one rep max" or extended training situations, without chewing up your hands
  • Passive (extra light) center knurl

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds +/- 0.1 gram
  • Collars: 4 Needle Bearing
  • Bearings: Four bearing in total, two per sleeve.
  • Weight Capacity: 2,200-pound limit
  • Tensile Strength: 216,200 PSI
  • Yield Strength: 206,900 PSI
  • Whip: Slightly stiff, moderate-whip shaft
  • Spin: Fast, predictable spin
  • Best Use: Built for experienced, strong lifters who combine Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, and WODing.
  • Material: Matte Chrome Shaft and Sleeve, Manganese Phosphate "Sleeve Collar"
  • Length: 86.75 inches
  • Sleeve Specs: 16.3 inches Loadable Length and 2" Diameter
  • Shaft Specs: 28.5mm Diameter
  • Knurl: Deep Double Ring IWF + IPF Knurling. Light Center Knurling.
  • Center knurl: Just over 4 5/8" long
  • Product Design: Austin, TX, USA
  • Machined & Assembled: Taiwan
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects and bending.


Bushing Wonder Bar
Bearing Wonder Bar
Bomba V2
Fringe Sport Weightlifting
Fringe Sport Power Bar
Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar

Bushing Wonder Bar

Bearing Wonder Bar

Bomba V2

Fringe Sport Weightlifting

Fringe Sport Power Bar

Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar
Barbell Type Bushing Bearing Bushing Bearing Bushing Bearing
Weight 20kg or 15kg 20kg or 15kg 20kg or 15kg 20kg or 15kg 20kg 20kg
PSI 202,000 (160,000 -15kg) 202,000 (160,000 -15kg) 205,000 (160,000 -15kg) 216,000 (216,000 -15kg) 216,000 216,000
Whip Stiff Stiff Moderate Whippy Stiff Moderate
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Shaft Diameter 28mm (25mm -15kg) 28mm (25mm -15kg) 28mm (25mm -15kg) 28mm (25mm -15kg) 29mm 28.5mm
Knurl Dual Dual Dual IWF + Center Knurl IPF + Center Knurl Dual + Center Knurl
Spin Moderate Fast Moderate Oly Moderate Fast
Best Use Garage Gym, WODing & Oly Garage Gym, WODing & Oly Garage Gym, Oly, Powerlifting Oly & Everything Powerlifting: Slow lifts - squat, deadlift, and bench. Built for experienced, strong lifters who combine Oly, Powerlifting, and WODing.
Made In China China USA Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan
Maintenance Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics

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josh t.
United States United States

One Bar to Rule Them All

Bar arrived in some serious packaging and yet my box/tube was somehow broken in the middle just past one of the sleeves...not sure how as the cardboard is VERY thick... If I can post of photo I will. Seems the delivery guy had a lot of hate in his heart that day lol. The end caps are pretty stout and overall the package could be used as a battering ram (maybe mine was). For frame of reference I'm 5'11 @205# and have no issues with the knurling or knurl spacing. Matte chrome sounds as contradictory as neon brown but it looks sick AF. The bar itself has just finished its first week, in the garage gym environment with zero complaints so far. If you only have space or budget for ONE barbell this sucker will answer the mail. In the eight months I was saving and waiting to time a sale this bar never showed up on craigslist/offerup etc....I'm starting to see why.

Fringe Sport 20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport ReviewFringe Sport 20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport ReviewFringe Sport 20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport ReviewFringe Sport 20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport ReviewFringe Sport 20kg Hybrid Barbell by Fringe Sport Review
Javier P.
United States United States


I have an over25 year old barbell that needed to be replaced ASAP. I ordered the Power Bar because it is similar to my old barbell's grip, but by accident the Hybrid barbell was delivered to me. Ok so I gave it a try and I have to admit that it is perfect. Even though my old bar is 30mm grip and the Hybrid is 28.5mm grip to be honest for me it did not make much of a difference. In the contrary I have been using this barbell the most. I highly recommend it,

Nikola D.
United States United States

Just delivered

Delivery was fantastic! Time will tell tell on the equipment, I Will update over time.

Anonymous L.

Does it all.

I wanted an all purpose bar for my garage gym. I used a CAP OB-86B for several years. Didn't want a whippy deadlift bar. Didn't want a stiff powerlifting squat bar with knurling like spikes that tears up your traps, but I did want center knurling to help me line up and help the bar stay in place. A lot of other bars do not have center knurling (I think because of crossfit high rep olympic lifting which I do not do) except at high-priced competition levels. Do olympic lifting occasionally and I no longer can blame my barbell for my performance. Also like the material the bar is made of (seems rusr-resistant - they recommend 3-in-1 oil) The wider smooth section is great for your shins for deadlifting. The only tradeoff of this is that for pressing or closegrips you have to put your hands in the smooth section. Overall this is an excellent purchase and I wish I had bought one years ago!


Perfect, in every way.

Special pricing was available, so I took it. Other bars were great and all, but the feel of this bar is fantastic. A great addition to my gym. Being a hybrid I feel confident that EVERY LIFT will be on point. One bar to rule them all. Buy Fringe. Don't bother looking somewhere else. Just get it, and enjoy.