10 Reasons NOT To Buy Stocking Stuffers

I don’t know about you but I enjoy looking for stocking stuffers - those little bits of nothing to fill the toes and heels of the furry feet warmers hanging on the mantle.  

But in talking to friends and enemies, I’ve found this practice was supposed to stop as you get older.  I’m glad no one told me, because I’ll happily fill a stocking for anyone within my realm of friends or family.

In the interest of fairness (because here at Fringe we are nothing if not committed to showing both sides of a story) here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t fill a stocking

10 Reasons Not To Buy Stocking Stuffers

You’ll Look Like A Cheapskate

I mean - let’s be real.  Even if you roll up with a shiny sequined stocking full of stuff - folks know you didn’t spend much if it’s got single wrapped Hershey Kisses in it. 

They Take Forever to Wrap

What would you rather spend your time taping up - one large box with a PS5 in it or 20 little packages of chewing gum?  No contest.

There Are Only So Many Tubes of Chapstick You Can Use

It’s just one per person that you use a lifetime right?

If You Know A Lot Of People

You have to fill a stocking for every one of them, and you’ll be laying out some serious cash!

You Gotta Do A Lot Of Shopping

If you’re a shopaholic, then it’s no biggie - but some folks want to hit the ATM, grab cash and call it done.  It might not be for you.

You Have To Be Creative

Sure you could fill everyone’s stocking with peanut M&Ms - but that kinda makes you look lazy. You have to put something different in every single stocking.

Dollar Tree Won’t Cut It

While you don’t have to spend $20 a gift to fill the feet, do you really want to put a flashlight in there that will quit before they walk out the door?

Equality Counts

If you do stockings for people in the same house, you’ll have to make sure it all comes out even, or be willing to deal with the green-eyed monster if one person gets more.

You Can’t Be A Last Minute Shopper

If you’re one of those “I’ll run into Walgreen’s on the way for a gift because they have everything” shoppers, filling stockings isn’t for you. It takes planning and shopping way ahead of the big day!

The Dogs Won’t Like It

Okay, this might be pushing it but there’s always gonna be that one person that gives you the side eye for giving what they think is a cheap and cheesy gift. 

Have we talked you out of stocking stuffers yet?  No?  You still want to grab some to throw into the homey hanging pieces of fuzzy foot shaped fabric on your mantle? 

Well, we won’t let you down - here at Fringe we’ve got beaucoup goodies to fill those feet!

You can always grab a pack of these super stretchy resistance bands.  Or what about some slick gym rings and straps?  And we all know everyone loves a great shirt - who doesn’t want to sport a sloth? 

Any lifter will want a new set of sandbag fillers with a trainer (and yes, they fold small enough to fit!).  Cram some collars down into the toe of the stocking - these are under $20 and these are a little bit more.   And don’t forget fractional  plates to crush those gainz.

Want more ideas?  Take a look at this super stacked page of stocking stuffers.  And want a bonus?  Most of this gear ships via priority mail and so you can get it in time for Christmas Cheer.

Did we miss any reasons to not give stuffers? Share them with us below and let us know your reasons!

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